How to increase girth

How to increase girth? You may have been touched by a search query in Google with this article. After all, we search a lot for sex and sexual problems, such as confirming data from Google.

If that also applies to you, we will save you the ‘size does not matter’ drivel, but do not expect any miracle solutions in this article. We do have some tips and advice for you to make your genitals look better, purely optically.

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How to increase girth

And Pills and Stuff?

Here we are brief about how to increase girth: No pill or any panacea has ever been scientifically proven to actually increase the size of a male penis.

As for the ‘and such’: massage techniques exist, jelqing called, to which penis-exerting results are attributed. It has been a much-discussed phenomenon on the internet for years. Google once on it. We did that too, and especially to find out the opinions of experts.

They almost always come down to the same thing: there is no scientific proof for its operation and if there is something to be achieved, then it does not outweigh the fact that with these time-consuming do-it-yourself exercises your penis may be permanently damaged.

Apart from the still difficult surgical way, little or nothing can be done about the size of your toddler. However, you may be able to ensure that it looks larger.

Five practical advice with which you bring your most important ‘muscle’ in optimal shape.

1. Burned fat

Your body fat percentage affects the visual size of your penis. When you are overweight, fat can accumulate around the trunk of the penis, causing a part of it to ‘lie in the abdomen’. So take on the struggle with those surplus kilos (also very wise for other reasons) so that your pride will be visible in full glory again.

2. Trim the hair

Again not a trick, but an aesthetic truth. A full bundle of pubic hair more or less clogs a piece of the penis. By removing it partially or completely – in any case, the hair around the base of your penis – you show more meat.

An unhealthy lifestyle can ensure that the blood does not flow optimally to and through the penis. As a result, it does not reach full maturity. Overweight, smoking, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes or cardiovascular diseases are all potential culprits. They also stimulate impotence.

3. Swallow a pill

Uhm.. but pills do not work? Indeed, as we said, penis enlargement pills are nonsense. Well, until the opposite is proven. There are, however, medicines that can promote blood flow to and through your penis. Most noteworthy is the amino acid arginine, which is especially known in the fitness world. Scientific studies show that arginine improves blood flow, accelerates fat burning and strengthens the immune system.

The better the blood flow, the fuller the penis, limp or hard, will look. In addition, arginine has a positive influence on the libido of the man. That is completely separate from the length of the penis, but it is still an additional sexual benefit. Do not think that arginine is a miracle cure because its effect will probably be subtle at best or even not at all noticeable. Buy best waist trimmer reviews

However, the substance is available as a supplement (L-Arginine) in fitness and/or supplement stores and does not cost too much: about ten euros for a jar of 120 capsules (recommended use is two to six pieces per day). Perhaps worth a try.

4. Eat more watermelon

This may sound too good to be true, but it is true. Watermelon can help you get a better and longer erection. You do not necessarily need the expensive supplements if you want to improve your penis, because you can also go to the supermarket.

Many studies on the relationship between watermelon and penis length have not yet been done, but that there is a connection between the two seems clear. Probably this is because watermelon and an amino acid called citrulline contain a substance that in the body is converted into l-arginine.

5. Train the PC muscle

The PC muscle, or pelvic floor muscle, is a muscle that is located in your pelvis (as the name suggests) and that is important for a lot of different things.

This way he makes sure that you can decide for yourself when you let your pee run and he keeps a lot of organs in his stomach in his place. But it also does something else, something that is much more interesting for people who want a larger erection.

Last Word

Hopefully, you have something to the tips in this article when it comes to increasing your penis girth. I have dealt with a lot of different measures, some very easy and innocent, others a lot more drastic. Depending on your wishes and how far you are prepared to go, you will now have to decide for yourself which way suits you best.

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