What is Pre Employment Testing and its Advantages

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What is Pre Employment Testing and its Advantages?

Business enterprises need to hire employees for various jobs on a scheduled basis. The process is lengthy, complicated, time-consuming, and costly. Now, if even after spending much time and effort, supposing the enterprises end up with employees below their standards of expectations, it is considered a loss of the business. They will need to follow the entire procedure again and may end up with similar results.

What is Pre Employment Testing and its Advantages

To help the enterprises save their valuable time, money and focus their energies on the core aspects of the business, companies have been started in the industry with the intention of conducting pre employment testing process for the enterprises.

Yes, you have read that right. There are companies in the market that will conduct tests for the candidates on behalf of the enterprise. The test forms can either be pre-designed or created exclusively for the enterprise. It has been found that enterprises can reduce the costs of hiring by 70% and the time consumed in the process by 60% if they opt for a company to conduct the tests for them.

Here are some of the advantages of hiring the leading company to conduct the pre employment testingfor the candidates for any kind of job description.

Perfect Match from the Database

  • The companies have a vast database that includes test forms from more than 600 subjects and topics covering all possible aspects in the market.
  • Some of the broadly classified categories are as follows:
    • Abilities and Aptitudes
    • Accounting and Financial Applications
    • Call Center and Data Entry
    • Databases and Business Intelligence
    • Desktop Publishing Software
    • Engineering, Industrial and Design
    • Hardware and Networking
    • Healthcare
    • Hospitality Industry
    • Human Resources
    • Language and Communication
    • Legal, Safety, and Administration
    • Microsoft Office® Software
    • Sales and Marketing

24*7 Support and Assistance

  • The company offers round the clock assistance and support to the personnel of the enterprise who are working with them on the testing process.
  • They will ensure that the test form designed has no glitches and the entire test process runs smoothly when the tests are being conducted online for various candidates at the same time.

Full Compliance

  • The company assures the enterprises of the quality of the content they provide is of the highest level.
  • The test forms can either be job-based or subject-based depending on the requirements of the enterprise and specifications of the job.

Integration Options

  • The company knows that different enterprises have different HR systems.
  • To make things easier for the enterprises they have integrated most of the HR systems into their test systems.
  • This enables the employees of the enterprise to work on a single system instead of shifting and working on multiple systems.
  • It saves time and reduces the workload of the employees.

Advanced Simulations

  • The candidates of the test do not have to make changes in the browser or download any new applications such as Java, etc.
  • The test forms work well in the existing browsers.

Expert Guidance

  • An experienced and qualified Testing Expert will be allotted to each enterprise to help them prepare, design, and finalize the test form for the candidates.
  • The personnel of the enterprises can interact with the expert and plan a test form that perfectly suits the job requirements.
  • The enterprises can also create their own test forms by uploading their data, file, images, audio, etc.
  • The test forms can be a mix of audio-visual components.
  • They also provide the enterprises with the list of shortlisted candidates based on the results of thepre employment testing assessment.

Most companies that conduct the tests have a wide price range to be able to cater to all kinds of enterprises. From single, one-time package to a long term subscription, they give the enterprises the option to choose a price package that fits them the best.

It is advantageous for the enterprise to hire these companies to conduct the tests and select the eligible candidates for further interviews while they concentrate on the core aspects of their business.

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