Ways To Win Over The Turkey Day

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Ways To Win Over The Turkey Day

It is probably impossible to avoid the turkey day as it is the time for friends and families to celebrate their history. But sadly, on this day everyone has to give-up his/her healthy eating habits. At the end, everybody feels bloated, depressed and tired. If you don’t want to end up feeling the same, follow the below mentioned tips:

Keep in shape & go for a workout
Burn some extra calories to lower your blood insulin levels. Go for a long walk; hit the gym, or pickup a game of football, to revive your metabolism. So this way, you will burn some calories and would not feel guilty on the Thanksgiving Day.

Neither come hungry nor too filled on the table
If you think that having turkey just once at the time of Thanksgiving Dinner would make you feel less guilty then you are in trouble. Starving for all the day and then overindulging in food can zigzag your metabolism. Besides, this also doesn’t mean that you save calories by eating bigger meals through the day. Eat healthy and eat in proportions at regular intervals.

Become a rabbit
Don’t start your day with non-veg meals instead fill the serving with veggie-filled salad like carrots, celery, raw vegetables, etc. you can also have soup. This way, you will keep your stomach fuller and won’t end up eating much.

Drink water and not wine
Wine has got a lot of calories and traditionally wine is served for Thanksgiving Dinner. Obviously! You can’t kill the temptation to have a glass, but then just have a glass of wine and not three or four. Also, consume lot of water before the meal as it improves metabolism and you end up eating less.

Think of the most filling dishes
Decide the dishes that you need to avoid. While you think about those dishes, think of those with high fat and carbohydrate content such as broccoli, cheese, creamed potatoes, stuffing with gravy and cream based soup. These filling dishes are more fattening.

Be firm and eat little of everything
Control your taste buds and be sure that you eat everything but in small portions. Don’t stick to a diet as then you would surely end up in binge eating. But, have a firm mind that you would not overeat.

Don’t go to sleep straightaway
After having your dinner, combat the urge to sleep. Move here and there, go for a walk or play a game of basketball.

Eat till you never wish to have another turkey
Leftover turkey is diet-friendly meal i.e. healthy and source of protein. Turkey with steamed veggies makes a low-cal combo that is perfect for dinner. You can even have a slice of pumpkin pie.

So, fight with your guilt factor by following the above mentioned tips and enjoy your Thanksgiving Dinner, without worrying about excess calories.

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