Using Mobility Aids and what are their Benefits

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The mobility devices are for the people who have some kind of problem in moving around easily with independence and freedom. People who have any kind of injuries or disabilities like the older adults have increased chances of falling and it can help and assist them with a mobility aid.

Mobility devices are of great benefits to the users and so they provide independence to the one who is suffering. Mobility scooters lead to reduced pain, increased confidence and self-esteem. A variety of mobile devices can help to meet the needs of the people who are already using wheelchairs, crutches, stair lifts, mobility scooter etc. Let see what options are available for you, if mobility is your problem.

Mobility Aids
Mobility Aids

Types of mobility aids


The crutches are way too old kind of mobility devices that help to transfer the weight from the legs to the upper body. To keep a person upright it is used and also to treat the injuries and people that have permanent disabilities.

There are many different kinds of crutches;

  • Axillary Crutches

A part of the axillary crutch must be placed against the ribcage and under the armpits while the users will hold the handgrips. The crutches are typically used when someone is suffering from short term injuries.

  • Lofstrand Crutches

These kinds of crutches involves placing the arm into a metal or a plastic cuff and then holding a hand grip. These are more commonly used by people who have long term disabilities.

  • Platform Crutches

The hand holds a grip whereas the forearm rests on the horizontal platform. These are not commonly used except the people who have a weak hand grip due to a condition such as cerebral palsy.


They are somewhat similar to the crutches as they help to support the weight of the body and transfer the load from the lower to the upper body. But compared to the crutches they take only a limit of a load and mostly put the weight on the upper body. The assistive canes are great for the people who have the risk of falling.

Some common types of canes are:

  • White canes

These are designed especially for blind people as these stand out of the rest. These canes are for the visually impaired people and people who notice white canes understand that the person is blind.

  • Quad Canes

These canes have four feet at the end of it and they provide a very large base that ensures greater stability. People who have a weaker lower portion and are not able to move around freely, the quad cane is a great option for them as it has four feet at the end of the cane that offers greater stability.

  • Forearm Canes

This will help to provide extra forearm support to your body and in these canes allow greater weight so that it is distributed between the wrist and the arm.

Mobility Scooters

Mobility Scooters
Mobility Scooters

A person can sit comfortably on this and move around freely sitting on this. Nowadays, mobility scooters have become more advanced. Mobility scooters now come in electronic variants which work on battery.

The user of the mobility scooter can place his/her feet on the foot plates and there are handlebars, steering wheels also which help to control the direction.

Nowadays, mobility scooters have become more than just move around vehicles. You easily get to carry yourself from one place to another. Apart from the huge help, the mobility scooter provides they are also good for many other things that we do for pleasure.

A large population of disabled/elderly people use mobility scooters in Canada. In recent years there has been a huge influx of the population opting for the mobility scooters as their mode of transportation.

Some common uses of mobility scooters are:

  • Vacationing

A little getaway here and it isn’t bad. If you are out, vacationing with your friends or family you won’t feel like a burden on them. You can move on freely, go on doing what you have wanted to without asking anybody to carry you around.

Carrying your mobility scooter along while travelling is easy too. Scooters that are available in the market can be easily folded, dissembled and placed on your car or inside your bag, trunk, and suitcase. They are really great when they are needed to be carried around.

  • Shopping

It can be used to travel around while shopping and some of the latest models come with a basket attached and you can carry your stuff around easily. The mobility scooters are very easy to manoeuvre around the congested areas or places where there is very less crowd.

  • Driving

People use mobility scooters because they have issues in driving, walking or standing for a very long time. So, basically, mobility scooters are used as a form of transportation and enjoyment!

This is not it! We also know of a very adorable option for you to carry you around, carefree. This cute thing is known as a Guide Dog.

  • Guide dogs

These are specially trained dogs that provide their assistance to the visually impaired or people who are blind by helping them to navigate the obstacles. Apart from providing you some assistance dogs also give you a physiological, psychological therapy.

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Rohit Bimbrahw is currently working as the Project Manager at Home HealthCare Shoppe; the medical supply extension of Port Coquitlam’s Wilson Pharmacy. At Home Healthcare Shoppe, we believe that with great health and well being, anyone can live a fun and purposeful life.

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