The Importance Of Servicing Your Concreting Equipment

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Let’s face it – your concreting equipment not only represents a significant investment, but it’s vital that it remains in good working order. Reliability of your equipment reflects in the reliability of the service you provide to your customers, and regular servicing significantly reduces the chances of either equipment breakdown or that of underperformance.

Failing to carry out servicing on a regular basis can have the following impacts:

  • Reduced productivity
  • Unnecessary downtime
  • Expensive repair bills
  • Costly part replacements
  • Reduced customer loyalty.

In short, equipment failure is not simply a short-term inconvenience. Such an issue can have a far-reaching effect on a business, both costing money at the time plus the likelihood of reduced future revenue if a customer perceives a failure to successfully complete a task on time.

Happily, regular servicing of your concreting equipment can massively reduce the likelihood of this happening. Carrying this out shouldn’t be considered a business ‘expense’. Instead, it should be viewed as being cost-effective and a way of actively saving money.

Such proactive servicing ensures:

  • Anticipating and identifying any future issues with a machine, and carrying out the necessary maintenance to avoid this
  • Ensuring the machine is working at optimum level
  • Parts replacement where necessary
  • An overall evaluation of your concreting equipment by experienced engineers.

In addition, it allows you to set a time for any work to be carried out, not in the middle of your busiest work period.

When selecting the company to service your concreting equipment it’s vital to ensure that they have the knowledge and ability to carry out the work in the shortest time possible. After all, when your equipment’s not actively working for you, it’s not making you money.

Ensure that your service provider is:

  • A specialist in concrete equipment
  • Uses only fully qualified and licensed mechanics and electricians
  • Has experience working on all makes and models of concreting equipment
  • Is certified for 3-phase work, and for repairs on both 240V and 430V equipment
  • Uses only genuine parts.

You might also want to consider if a servicer keeps parts in stock. If this isn’t the case it could lead to costly delays waiting for these to be delivered.

Concrete Hire in Perth has been the go-to supplier and maintenance provider to those who use concreting equipment for more than 20 years. The family-run firm is headed by Geoff Holtemulen and is in the unique position of being the only such company in Perth with its own dedicated service centre.

The expert team will be happy to discuss a servicing plan for your concreting equipment that suits individual needs, and to ensure that you never have to put a project on hold due to unforeseen lengthy (and often expensive) repairs. Conveniently situated in the centre of Perth, Concrete Hire’s fully equipped service centre and specialist hire and sale equipment make them the complete one-stop-shop for everything to do with concrete equipment.

For an informal chat for your servicing needs and any other aspect of concrete equipment, call Geoff on 0418 222 273, or visit the website at

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