Take Up Smart snacking At Office

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Take Up Smart snacking At Office

In today’s times, smart working is more important than hard working. Same holds true for smart snacking. It is really difficult to hold yourself at work when vending machine is available down the hall along with a coffee shop at the corner. But, just a little bit of effort can keep you near to healthy snacks.

When in office you don’t have much physical work to do generally. Hence, even having something simple in the afternoon gives rise to blood sugar. To eradicate the possibility  of any problems, you can stick to having snacks which are light and nutritious. Some smart snacks that are healthy and light include:

* Applesauce
* Fruits
* Reduced fat butter
* Whole grained bread
* Unsweetened cocoa
* Low calorie hot chocolate
* Low fat trail mixes
* Dried fruits
* Apple
* Fat free milk and its products
* Boiled eggs
* Low fat drinks
* Light cheese balls

There are also a few tips for smart snacking that could help you great deal.

1.    Fruit should be the foremost choice for an afternoon meal. This is because it is full of fructose which is a quick energy boost provider. The fruits can be paired with little protein like low fat cheese or peanut butter which imparts extra power till the time you take something solid in the dinner.

  1. Walnuts and almonds are also good substitutes to lessen the appetite and put some healthy fat. The quantity should be taken in moderation for best results and one thing should be kept in mind that excess of everything is bad.
    The requirement of high calorie snacks is a sign of inadequate diet in lunch which can be overcome by having fruits and nuts.All the tips and healthy snacks explained above are effective in keeping you healthy and filled. All it needs a little will power to avoid all snacks that are unhealthy. Once you make it a routine to eat healthy snacks, it would not be at all difficult for you to stick to it.

Dress Right To Hide The Fat

Just because you are obese does not mean that you cannot look fashionable. You do not have to dress like a big fat loser all the time. There are a few simple tips and tricks that can help you dress right and make you look stylish and slim too.

Wear black
This is the golden rule of thumb for anyone who is struggling with weight issues. The dark color creates virtual contraction which makes you look slimmed down. The good part about this color is that you can wear it in almost every way- jackets, trousers, shirts, dresses, skirts and almost everything else. If you are not so fond of black, you can opt for other dark shades like navy blue and emerald green.

Highlight your good portions
Not all of us have proportionate fat. This is good news. You can highlight the portions where you have slightly lesser fat. For instance, if you have a slim waist, but you are heavier on the bottoms, then a broad chunky belt at the waist will draw away attention from heavy thighs and legs.

Know your size
It is important for you to wear clothes of your size. Wearing clothes that are bigger than your size will only make you look more obese. On the other hand, opting for clothes that are smaller than your size will only have fat oozing out from all corners. So, know your size and wear it well.

Check the fabric
Go for a fabric that is neither too thick nor too thin. Thick fabrics are expansive and make you look even fat. On the other hand, extremely thin fabrics reveal your complete body shape and do nothing much to hide the fat. So, you need to choose something that is in between. Go in for a fabric that is crisp and soft.

Wear the right undergarments
For those who are fat, undergarments are of crucial importance. Stop looking for style. Instead look for undergarments that are supportive and can suppress the fat. There are certain underwears that can pull in the tummy and make you look slimmer. A well fitting bra can also make women look slimmer.

Avoid busy patterns
Busy patterns are a strict no-no. They only make you look even more overwhelming. Keep your clothes basic and minimal. If you like prints, go in for the tiny ones. Stripes also work good for obese people. But make sure that you opt for vertical stripes and not horizontal stripes.

Of course, these dressing tips will help you cover up the flab. But, you can’t keep covering yourself forever. So, formulate a weight loss plan and stick to it so that you are able to knock off those extra pounds. Till then, keep covering them up.


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