Social Media Marketing Write For Us

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Social Media Marketing Write For Us

Social Media Marketing Write For Us- Do You want to Write Articles For Our Blog. You May send Your Articles To

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Social Media Marketing Write For Us
Social Media Marketing Write For Us

The term Social Media Marketing (SMM) refers to all activities and measures used in social networks to lead generations, increasing customer reach and loyalty. Social media marketing can be seen both as public relations and customer service.

The first goal is to increase factors such as traffic, CTR and reach. The next step is to build long-term customer loyalty, influencers, and Viral Marketing. SMM can be part of Customer Relationship Management and also includes social media advertising.

Guest Posting Guideline

If You Get Our Blog By Searching Social Media Marketing Write For Us Then It is The Right Place For You. You Can Write Social media Marketing Related Articles For Our Blog. You Will Get Dofollow Backlinks From Our Blog.

Read Our Guideline Below:

  1. Write Minimum 800 Words An Article.
  2. Write 100% Unique And SEO friendly Article.
  3. Use Minimum 2 Images In Your Article.
  4. Do Not Use More Than 2 Backlinks From Your Article.
  5. Send Your Article On MS Word File Or HTML File.
  6. Send Your Article To:

Why you should write an article for us?

If you search Social Media Marketing Write For Us on google. You will get social media marketing related blogs. Our blog is one of them. We have 2000+ monthly organic traffic. So if you have social media related niche blog then you should write for us.

We will give you do follow backlinks from your article. But we need only unique articles. If you get backlinks from our blog then you can easily rank your blog on google.

Why You Should Social Media Marketing Write For Us?

If you are social media marketing related blog owner. If you need high-quality backlinks for rank your blog then you need guest post. But you need to find your niche related blog for getting a backlink. So you have to search Social Media Marketing Write For Us on google. Then you can find your targeted niche blog.

What Is Social Media Marketing

When social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or Linkedin are established, it is not yet clear that they also offer themselves as a PR and marketing tool. Social Media is considered unprofitable.

However, with the increasing number of users, the importance of direct customer contact and increasing reach is clear. Networks are becoming more sophisticated and the number is increasing – it is also expected that spending on social media marketing will increase. At present, very different social platforms are used both in the B2C and B2B sectors to achieve company goals.

As Social Media Marketing

If there are people who write with social goals that can be understood because through writing we can do something for many people.

Good writing can inspire people to do good. If we write and provide positive benefits for the reader, the writing from the social side can change the perspective of the community for the better.

Religion teaches us to do good, then through writing, we can spread the virus of goodness, for example by writing about how people do not act anarchist and can respect the religion of others, respect differences of opinion and so forth.


Why Should You Write Article For Our Blog And Why You Should need Dofololow backlinks from Our Blog?

Get High PR DoFollow Backlinks from our site. | If you’re looking for the High PR DoFollow Backlinks for your website or blog, you’ve found the correct article which will help you to find out best site to create a backlink for your website.

  • What is backlink?

A backlink is a hyperlink that links from a Web page, back to your own Web page or Web site. Also called an Inbound Link (IBL) these links are important in determining the popularity (or importance) of your Web site. Some search engines, including Google, will consider Web sites with more backlinks more relevant in search results pages. May also be written as two separate words, backlink.

  • What is a DoFollow backlink?

A do-follow link, on the other hand, is a link that will pass on the SEO benefits of the website where it is built from to the hyperlinked site. This is the type of backlinks that link builders will create for SEO purposes.

Backlinks created from high PR (and high Domain Authority) sources will pass on the link juices towards the hyperlinked blog, thereby improving its ranking position among the search engines significantly.

Reasons why you should write (Social Media Marketing) for our blog

Guest bloggers or guest bloggers are people who write and send articles (Social Media Marketing) on other people’s blogs to be posted and published in the online media. Currently, some bloggers do provide opportunities for anyone who wants to become a guest blogger to be able to fill in a number of sections on his blog.

But before you really decide to become a guest blog, it helps you to look at some things, especially those related to the benefits and benefits that can be obtained from this activity.

1. Getting Quality Backlinks

The first benefit when you become a guest blogger is getting quality backlinks. This backlink is indeed very important to make your blog stronger in the eyes of the Search Engine. Now when you become a guest blogger then your chances of getting quality backlinks for free will be even greater. Generally, when we submit articles (Social Media Marketing), the admin of the blog will provide backlinks voluntarily.

This is because the symbiotic relationship of mutualism must indeed be mutually beneficial. If the blog admin has got the desired article, the guest blog should also be worth getting the rewards in the form of backlinks.

2. Getting Friends and Friendship

More than just getting backlinks, you will also get a network of friendship between bloggers from writing on this person’s blog. Friendship or friendship is indeed important for both bloggers. The relationship between the two bloggers can be mutually beneficial if one of them wants to complement each other.

The guests who have taken the time to make a good article can be rewarded by the blogger owner with a quality backlink. And if both of them have benefited from this relationship, then we can be sure that this relationship will last for a long time.

3. Increase Traffic

If you have agreed with the blog owner to display a blog link or simply include your profile, then by becoming a guest blogger you can get profitable blog traffic.

But to be able to make readers or blog visitors interested in articles and yourself as a writer, you must be able to make your writing interesting to read and visit. Because when readers or blog visitors are interested in your writing on other people’s blogs, they will also be curious to visit your own blog. Thus, your blog traffic will increase.

4. Promotion Event to Introduce Yourself 

Finally, the benefits of writing on someone else’s blog (being a blogger) are getting your self-promotion and blog. As mentioned earlier that when you have an agreement with the blog owner that they will display your personal data or your profile and maybe your blog, then you have indirectly received a form of branding promotion.

And some well-known bloggers say the promotion of other people’s blogs is very effective and profitable. Especially if you can become a guest blog in a place or blog that already has a big name, then your promotion will be better and better quality.

Top Features Of ( Explain Da, Pa, Unique Article, Unique Visitors, organic Traffic ETC)

In SEO (Search Engine Optimization) we certainly know the Page Authority and also the Domain Authority on a website. This PA and DA is a marker that shows us how much quality our website or personal blog is and our friends on search engines.

PA and DA are very important in SEO techniques, and there are already many SEO actors looking for PA and DA who are good at planting links so they can increase their website ranking in the eyes of search engines. Search engines, especially Google are very fond of websites with high PA and DA values, this is what makes many websites vying to be able to appear on page 1 of Google search so they can continue to be in position 1.

Value of PA & DA on the Website

Page Authority

What is a Page Authority or PA?

Page authority is a description of the ranking on your website or blog that is seen or found on a search engine. The range of numbers on the page authority is usually from 0 to 100, the higher the value of the PA blog or website, the more likely it is to appear on search engines. Not only that, but these numbers also relate to the relevance of the content on the website or blog and also the links on one page to another.

Domain Authority

Understanding Domain Authority or DA

Domain authority or DA in a website refers to the strength of the domain owned by your website or blog. The strength of a web or blog is based on age, popularity, and size of your domain. Suppose the domain used by’s website has a DA value of 96 points. DA measuring scale is the same as PA, which is from 1 to 100, the greater DA web or blog, the better your position or ranking in the SERP.

Now we know the benefits of PA and DA in SEO. But how do you know the PA value and DA of a web or blog? With the help of tools, of course. Now there are many tools that can help you know the PA value and DA of a website.

How To send us ( SEO friendly Article

What are SEO Friendly Articles?

Actually, SEO friendly articles are articles that can be friendly with any search engine whether it’s Google, Yahoo and so on. So articles produced by paying attention to SEO guidelines will certainly be in the top search.

That way it is likely that more readers will open and read articles that have been provided. So before writing articles, you need to understand the techniques of writing articles that are as friendly as a way to get a lot of visitors.

Ways to Write SEO Friendly Articles (Topic: Social Media Marketing)

  • Some of these methods are very important to know by bloggers who still don’t understand writing quality articles. The following are intending for both old and novice bloggers.
  • One way is to pay attention to the length of the article written. Many argue that by writing a long article it can improve its ranking on the search engines. However, the objectives in writing the article that is done or the user experience are still considered.
  • Keep in mind not allowed to write articles just want to meet SEO targets, while the content of articles is messy and difficult to understand.
  • In writing a long article, it means that it’s not just a lot of words. But also the discussion in the article must be comprehensive and complete.
  • The most important point before publishing an article on a blog is ensuring the authenticity of the content. If you write articles directly copy from another web, chances are that you will be labeled plagiarism.
  • It can reduce visitors and fail to compete on the result page. So one method of writing articles that is SEO friendly is to ensure the authenticity of the work created.
  • Keep in mind that original articles will train in terms of writing and invite many visitors to your personal blog.
  • The first step that must be done before writing an article on a blog is determining keywords and of course, understanding the tricks of writing SEO friendly articles.
  • The placement of good keywords is at the beginning of the title and spread evenly in the contents of the article. It is not justified to force the placement of keywords that make the article title strange, so consider again how to place keywords in the article.
  • Using a fixed vocabulary related to the article written is not allowed to come out from discussing the main keyword.
  • Then it is also not recommending to repeat the same word. This step is a fairly effective way so the blog can occupy the Search Engine Result Page.

Why You Should Find Guest Posting Blog By Searching “Social Media Marketing Write For Us”

Finding the best Guest Posting Blog By Searching “Social Media Marketing

Guest blog (Social Media Marketing) has been very popular in recent years, as it offers bloggers endless benefits, such as the opportunity to build a positive reputation, get their brand in front of a new audience, earn hundreds or thousands of new loyal readers, and augment their SEO metrics.

However, sometimes it can be difficult to find high-quality guest blogging opportunities on Social Media Marketing. And even when you do find worthy ones, your approach and outreach can make or break your chances of successfully publishing your work.

Below, we will discuss the important factors of guest blogging by Social Media Marketing, the different strategies to uncovering blogs accepting guest submissions, and finally, a step-by-step approach to pitching your contribution.

Have a niche (Social Media Marketing) related blog

Before you can submit guest posts, it is important to create a blog with a professional design and rich content. Your site should topically fit the niche of the website you are approaching.

For this reason, the content on your blog should always be of the highest quality. You just never know who is reading and judging you. Find Relevant Sites Accepting Guest Posts in Your Niche (Social Media Marketing)

“Social Media Marketing” Guest Post Guidelines

So you can write a guest post ( Social Media Marketing) for urgent

If you would like to become a permanent guest author, we look forward to hearing from you. Guest contributions from Blogger colleagues are welcome, as long as they fit in with the themes of our blog ( Social Media Marketing). Of course, you do not have to have a blog yourself in order to write a guest post. Even if you want to share your travel experiences as a private person, we look forward to hearing from you.

Become a guest author (Social Media Marketing)- Our criteria

  • Your text ( Social Media Marketing) should be helpful to the reader and provide him with maximum added value (lots of tips and inspiration)
  • Make sure that you are writing on the above mentioned topic before starting to create the content for us.
  • Write only user-friendly content with dot point, sub-heading and short paragraphs, catchy and also include some relevant keywords.
  • Your article should be free from the grammatical error.
  • Your text should at least 800 words include and search engine optimized to be
  • Please write the text in lower case
  • Use post headline
  • Arrange the text please subheadings (max. 300 words per title)
  • Please add at least 3 pictures (1090px wide), which you name with the appropriate keyword
  • If you do not own the rights to the pictures, please send us also the copyright information
  • Your text may of course link to your blog. Up to 2 links are okay for us.
  • No other post should have appeared on our blog for your selected keyword (to find out, enter your keyword in the search bar on our website)
  • Your text may not yet be published on other blogs (please do not copy-paste texts )
  • If the guest article is publishing, you should also share it via your social media channels and/or your newsletter
  • Please check our blog regularly during the first days after publication to answer any comments

Please also remember that the guest post is your business card to the outside. So Please write it with great care without spelling and grammatical errors.

If you can meet all the criteria, we will be pleased if you send us your suggestion (Social Media Marketing) for the guest contribution. Send us Keyword and title by mail. Please do not send us a finished text but at first only your request with title suggestion.

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