Preparing For An Early June Garden Planting

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Preparing For An Early June Garden Planting

We wait all winter for spring and summer so we can get outside more and do some home gardening.

Right now we have a few gardens around the property but our main focus at this time is to get our vegetable garden ready for June planting.

We like saving money on the grocery bill and summer helps us do just that. Each year we are increasing our vegetable garden and even added a raised bed garden just for luscious strawberries.

Whether you have flowers or shrubs or a vegetable garden, you need to take the appropriate measures to prepare and maintain their good health and looks during this period.

Below are a few important points to keep in mind while your planning your next summer garden project.

We don’t care all that much for winter but we do love the fact we have the winter to plan our next growing season. The great thing about winter is we can be in Florida and still plan our next season’s garden without freezing our behinds off.

Planting Seeds For Your Vegetable Garden

When spring arrives I am ready to start seeds for our vegetable and flower gardens indoors so they will have a head start once I can transplant them outdoors. At the same time I’m transplanting my starter plants I am also planting seeds directly into the garden. It doesn’t take long for radishes and lettuce to mature enough for the table.

We didn’t do so well starting plants from seed last year as we don’t get enough direct sunlight in our windows. So this year I was prepared and had purchased a greenhouse, well actually a mini greenhouse. It worked perfectly.

Learn About Disease And Garden Pests

Each plant you put in your gardens have the potential for disease and of course each plant tends to have a pest that loves some part of the plant. Planning ahead of time can prepare you for this so you can deal with it before it becomes a terminal problem for your garden.

The biggest garden pest we have to deal with are garden slugs. It amazes me that such a slow critter can get to the garden to do so much damage.

We learned to rotate our vegetable garden crops and haven’t had to deal with any disease in our garden. Hopefully we continue to be blessed in this area. I will continue to grow crops in different areas of our garden each year.

Note: Any pests you find in the garden should be removed and destroyed, away from the garden.

Take Care of Weeds In Your Garden

We have no shortage of weeds and with all the wet weather we’re having they are growing even faster. The key to keeping the weeds down is to keep pulling them out and removing them from your garden completely. Don’t just pull them and leave them there.

We try to plant what we want to grow close enough that the weed can’t get the required light to grow. This makes weeding almost a thing of the past, almost.

Plants Get Thirsty So Water Your Garden

Don’t rely on Mother Nature to keep your garden watered evenly because it’s not likely to happen. It’s either too much rain or not enough and your plants will reflect this if you leave them on their own.

Take the time to keep the soil in your garden moist. Adding mulch to your garden will help to keep the soil cooler and less water will evaporate so you conserve water.

Depending on the demand for water you may want to install a watering system, something like drip irrigation works great and uses less water than other irrigation systems.

I am retired and home most of the time so I’m the irrigation system here. But as soon as Jenny retires we are going to start traveling. At that time I am sure we will install a drip irrigation system.

drip irrigation system doesn’t have to be expensive, so check out eBay to see what’s available at a reasonable price. I love eBay.

Home Gardening Tips

Home Gardening Tips Moncton is my biggest home gardening blog to-date although we are working with three other gardening blogs. This gardening blog is our newest Moncton garden blog.

We have had three days of straight rain and drizzle along with high winds that make it a bit tough to work in the garden so instead I decided I would look up and share the top gardening posts on our top gardening related site.

I only listed the top 8 blog posts we have as they seem to be the most interesting to most of our readers and subscribers. I hope you enjoy them as much as others have been.

We Are Loving Vegetable Gardening

I’m sure you know we waited a lot of years where all we could do was container gardening before we owned a home of our own we could dig in. It’s been seven years now and we are living vegetable gardening as well as flowers and shrubs.

How To Build A Compost Pile

We started composting soon after we bought our home as we found a compost bin behind the garage that had never even been used. Of course we had to learn how to compost.

5 Tips For Container Gardening

Like I said we started our gardening experience through container gardening and even though we have an in ground vegetable garden we are still using container gardening to grow more of the veggies and flowers we love.

What Is Organic Gardening

When we finally were able to have our own home gardens we wanted to be sure we were going green and needed to learn what organic gardening really means and I guess a lot of others needed to learn as well.

5 Quick Organic Gardening Tips

As we learned more about organic gardening and what it means to our health we started sharing organic gardening tips we’ve learned from other organic gardeners. The fact I stopped having constant migraine headaches, after 40 year, proved to me it was poisons on our food, although non of  my doctors over those years could figure out. All they did was give me more and stronger drugs that affected my daily life.

Halloween Flowers

This post was a guest post that I almost didn’t accept. I love this time of year as Halloween is harvest time and brings back many great memories of my childhood and how my sisters would decorate our home and yard.

The Principals of Organic Gardening

It never hurts to have more than one post on organic gardening as it’s very dear to my heart in more ways than one. Since we started learning about organic gardening and applying what we’re learning my health has improved. So of course I think everyone should learn about organic gardening.

Growing Vegetable in a Small Area

Jenny and I spent the first 25 years of our marriage living in rented spaces were we had limited space for gardening so for us it was container gardening which was better than nothing. Even now that we have more space we still like to use small space gardening ideas so we can grow even more.

Well those are out top gardening post to this point. Enjoy and do share with us any ideas you have that will help us have better flower and vegetable gardening.


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