Kitchen Organization Ideas: Make Your Kitchen More Spacious

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You don’t require spacious kitchen to be more functional. It’s all about how do you organize your kitchen. But, it may be overwhelming sometimes. Irrespective to the size of the kitchen, there are a plenty of hacks to organize your things properly. Hope these kitchen organization ideas would be of more help.

Anything from small kitchen appliances and pantry things to utensils let it be in place where they are supposed to be. So, it will be comfy to get it handy whenever you need it. That is easy to pick within reach. By the way, you don’t need to remodel your kitchen. These are some of the pocket-friendly DIY tips to arrange your kitchen things properly.

Kitchen Organization Ideas: Keep Things where it Deserves To Be

Contrary to the most of the people think that kitchen must be big and spacious, I love smaller kitchen. I need all the essentials reachable just by stretching my hands from where I am. Instead of worrying that you don’t have a big kitchen like Joanna Gaines, make your tiny kitchen easy accessible.

How To Organize Your Kitchen Room?

Organize your kitchen belongings properly to make it more spacious. Indeed, kitchen cleaning will be easy if you do so. It’s just a good initiative for incredible cooking experience.

But before getting started, have a list of things that you often use and that you rarely touch even. I meant to say often is like kitchen knives that you need daily. But, the giant crock pot that you use less frequently.

Then, these organizing hacks will be of more helpful to give new look to your kitchen.

For the crystal clear understanding, let’s split the kitchen organization ideas under three different categories.

  • Kitchen Pantry
  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Kitchen Drawers

Let’s explore, then.

#1 Organize Kitchen Pantry Items

Use baskets & bins

Baskets and bins are the best ways to store your food in pantry with separation. Have individual baskets for snacks, dry foods, pastas, baked foods, etc. So, picking up a thing when you are burry in cooking will be easier. A step ahead, label every basket for straightforward access.

Split-out the Essentials

As I said above, prioritize the items that you use every day and once a while in a month. To make your life easier, keep the food items that you need for daily cooking in the middle of the shelves, i.e at your eye level. Rest of the rarely used things at the top or bottom.

Use Sleek Containers

Few things like the baking ingredients, grains, salt, etc. store it in uniform containers of different sizes. So that arranging those containers in shelve will be less space occupying. Also, based on your shelve dimension have sleek storage containers.

Not only for storing the pantry items but also it would keep your food fresh and prevents mess-up.

#2 Organize Things in Kitchen Cabinets

Tupperware Lids in separate box

Let these Tupperware lids are in its own space. Placing those lids in a separate box will be easier to get it whenever you urge to take it. Also, arrange it from the largest lid to the smallest for perfect pick up of lids that you need instantly.

Use the Cabinet door’s inner side

Don’t worry about the size of your kitchen. Make use of the available space smartly. Using peg boards, hooks or cork boards, hang less weight things like dish towels, serving utensils, recipes, measuring jars, etc. Here you are maximizing the available space with simple DIY hacks.

Smart Spices Storage

No further search for the pepper storage container that hides behind the cabinet. You will feel irritated when you are in hurry-burry. So, using Lazy Susan will help you organize the spices orderly. Everything visible, easy to take, and looks neat. Keep it near the stove as you will use it often.

#3 Kitchen Drawers Organization

Organize things based on Cooking

All the kitchen tools and utensils are to serve unique as well as multi-purpose needs. In case of tools made for specific type of cooking, separate those in individual drawers and label. Hence, it will be easy to grab when you plan to cook that particular dish that day. For an instant, long metal spatula that you use for grilling can be placed along with tongs, basting brush, etc.

Partitions would be great

Dividers or partitions in drawers are something like baskets in pantry. To store small utensils and accessories like lemon squeezer, candles, tiny spoons and spatulas, etc. Have these items in individual partitions in a drawer separately for easy access.

Storing pot lids strategically

In case of having rugged drawers, fix a high tension rod inside it to store the pot lids within the space between the wall and the rod. By the way, you can organize the lids to grab it easily as well as you will get more space to stack more pots and cooking pans.

Few Other Kitchen Organization Ideas To Help Furthermore

  • If you still feel lacking enough space, bring a small armoire from any other room and organize the kitchen things will make huge difference.
  • Use hanging baskets to keep healthy food at your eye sight instead of putting it in the bottom of the drawer of the fridge or pantry and gets contaminated easily.
  • Make use of the wall space behind the stove fixing a small shelf to keep items that you use mostly. It’s like the salt and pepper.
  • Otherwise fix some hooks on the wall space behind stove and hang the pans that you use often. Make sure the hooks are capable to hold such utensils.
  • Under the sink, hanging a rack to keep the cleansing materials like dish soap, sponges, wiper, etc. can save your space.
  • Fix the magnetic stripes on the wall near you cutting area to hang knives that you use daily.
  • Have a junk drawer or a small partition in the regular drawer to keep things that are odds and don’t know where to keep.

Final Take Away

Hope these kitchen organization ideas would help you in a way or either to order your kitchen items. Ultimately, our goal is to organize the things letting kitchen to be more spacious, easy to access the things and also it must be looking neat.

Obviously, organized kitchen can even reduce your cooking time and gives you breeze experience to cook.

Author Bio

Lisa, home maker and a part-time blogger who blogs on GiftYourHome. I love being naughty practicing some DIY hacks at home that makes sense. Hence, I am glad to share those home improvement tips to other via blogging.

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