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We welcome SEO-friendly articles and Guest Posts

Are you a professional blogger or content writer? A great opportunity for you. If you get our blog by searching internet marketing write for us then this is the right place.. Our blog Internet Marketing For Us provides a unique opportunity for bloggers and content providers who are in search of high-quality blogs for publishing their articles as well as Guest Posts.

You may send your article to:

You Will Pay $10usd For Each Article. You Will Get 2 Dofollow Backlinks From Your Article.

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Our blog is the ideal platform for those who want to publish Guest Posts on topics related to online marketing and blog writing. Professional bloggers are able to promote their websites as well as blogs by way of posting their content on our blog.

We welcome articles that are SEO-friendly.

Internet Marketing Write For Us
Internet Marketing Write For Us

We accept guest blogging. You can send us articles. We will publish your article on our blog. But we will accept only SEO friendly articles. So you should write SEO friendly articles.

What We’re Looking Internet Marketing Write For Us:

  1. We are looking only professional blogger who wants to promote their blog, website.
  2. We are looking for a professional writer who can write SEO friendly articles.
  3. For internet marketing related topics, blogs.
  4. We are looking for a blogger who made SEO friendly blogs.

Internet Marketing Write For Us Guideline:

You can write for us as a guest. It is totally free. We will not take any charge from you. Please don’t skip any line. Internet Marketing Write For Us or guest posting Guidelines is below. Kindly read step by step:

  1. Article Lenth: We will accept an article with a minimum of 800 words. So you should write more than 800 words an article.
  2. Unique Article: You must send us a unique article. Our teach will review your article. If we don’t receive unique article then we will reject you and you will not have any chance in the future.
  3. Images in an article: You will add a maximum of 3 images in the article.
  4. Topics: You can write an article on Internet marketing, Health, Business, Sports, Power And Tools, Home And Design.
  5. Backlink: You will get do follow backlinks from your article so don’t worry. But we will allow only 2 do follow backlinks. So don’t try to provide more than 2 backlinks in an article.
  6. Article’s Para: Don’t writes more than 150 words in each para.
  7. Article’s Heading Or Sub Heading: Don’t write more than 300 words in each heading or subheading.
  8. MS Office Or HTML Format: You will send your article on MS Office or HTML file.

Article Topics:

If you Are Search Engine Optimization Expert. You can send us an article on various topics. Although you get our blog on google by searching internet marketing write for us. But we also accept various topics. So topics are below:

  • Home and improvement
  • Power and tool
  • Health and Fitness
  • Business
  • Internet marketing
  • Social media
  • Technology

We will not accept your article if:

  1. You provide Poor articles.
  2. We get Grammerticle mistake.
  3. You take backlinks for any fake blog.
  4. You provide us copied article from other sites.
  5. We get more than 3 images in an article.
  6. We get less than 800 words in an article.
  7. You take more than 2 backlinks from an article.

How To Send Article To Us?

Send your article to We will review your article and then we will publish.

About Author Bio:

You should send us your bio in 70-150 words.

  • Your full name
  • Your blog URL
  • Social media: Facebook or Twitter profile link

Why Should You Write For Our Blog

Free guest posting, topics related to internet marketing and a few other topics

Those who frequently publish guest posts on blogs and websites can make use of our blog for guest posting 100% free of charges.

The only requirement is that those who want to publish guest posts on our blog may go through the guest posting guidelines and ensure to follow those guidelines.

Apart from topics related to internet marketing, we also allow articles on other topics such as technology, social media, Home Improvement, Business, Health & Fitness, and Power & Tool.

Guidelines to follow

Those who can write quality articles with correct grammar, exact spelling and proper punctuation are always welcome to publish their articles on our blog.

The articles that are original, contain not less than 800 words, contain not more than three images are always accepted by us. We allow the writer to take maximum of 2 backlinks from one article.

Unique articles in MS Office or HTML file

We expect articles in MS Office or HTML file. Those who can write unique articles are most welcome to write for our blog.

The article will be published on our Internet Marketing Write For Us blog once it is accepted by the review team.

Why You Should Need Backlinks From Our Blog

Higher ranking by Google

If you search Internet Marketing Write For Us on google and if you get our blog. That means that is your right place for write internet marketing related articles. When you publish your Guest Post on our Internet Marketing Write For Us blog, you get backlinks to your own website. Backlinks are among the various factors considered by Google and other search engines for ranking the websites.

When a website has many quality backlinks, Google gives more credit to that website. Since our blog is a high-quality blog getting backlinks from our blog is important for SEO of your website.

Ensure easy navigation and crawling of search engine

Backlinks are the links that go from another site to your site. Different web pages get linked to each other by way of link building and as a result of this, the users are able to navigate between various web pages on the internet.

This will also facilitate crawling of search engines between the pages on the website.

Indicate the popularity of the website

In SEO, the backlink is considered as a hyperlink from a web page that links back to your web site or web page. When your website has such Inbound Links or backlinks from our blog it will boost the popularity of your website.

The backlinks are very important for determining the importance of a website.

The backlink is more important in search engine algorithm

When your site has backlinks, they indicate the popularity of the site with search engines. When your site has backlinks from our Internet Marketing Write For Us blog your website can easily get the higher ranking.

Hence the backlinks from our site are very important for your website.

Backlink profile will say the value of your website

Backlink profile of your site is vital for SEO strategies as well as the marketing strategies of your website.

Who Will Write For Our Blog

Providers of the original content of high quality

Writers who are able to provide original high-quality content will write articles and Guest Posts for our Internet Marketing Write For Us blog.

We accept only original articles and hence those who provide duplicate content will never write for our blog. Those who believe that knowledge is power and that knowledge must be shared will write for our blog.

Writers who care for quality over quantity

We never publish fast written articles on a number of topics. It is not our policy to publish number of articles or to serve more quantity of content. We believe in quality and we accept articles of high quality only.

The quality of our content has made our site a site of high value. We provide content on our website for a specific purpose and we always ensure that the content that we post on our site is of great value to our readers.

Quantity may be less but we serve content of very high quality.

Writers who provide well-researched, interesting and really useful information

We provide well-researched content with a lot of details on our website. We provide all the information needed by the readers in one place.

Only those writers who are able to find out what our readers require and provide them what they are looking for will be able to publish their articles and Guest Posts on our Inter Marketing Write For Us blog.

They are expected to write articles exclusively for our blog.

Providers of reliable information and highly useful tips

Thousands of people from different parts of the world visit our site every month. They include marketers, consumers, technical experts, social enthusiasts, management executives and others.

We maintain our blog as a reliable source of information to all types of readers. Hence those who can provide reliable information and valuable tips can very well write for our blog.

Explain About Our Blog

Publish articles and blogs of high quality and allow free publishing of Guest Posts

Our Internet Marketing Write For Us blog is the ideal place for professional bloggers and writers of high-quality content to publish their articles as well as Guest Posts.

Writers can forward their articles to us and we find the articles suitable for our blog, we publish them on our site.

We allow guest blogging also. Those who want to publish their Guest Posts can get their guest posts published on our site 100% free.

SEO-friendly articles and blogs on internet marketing-related topics

We expect the writers to write SEO-friendly articles since we accept only SEO-friendly articles for our site. We always welcome professional bloggers who are trying to promote their website/blog.

We expect bloggers to write SEO-friendly blogs on topics related to internet marketing.

Guest Posting guidelines

Those who want to publish their Guest Posts on our blog are required to follow our guest posting guidelines.

We will publish the article only if it was found unique by our team and articles that are found not unique will be rejected and those who had written the rejected articles will not get a chance in future. The article must contain not less than 800 words and a maximum of three images.

Apart from Internet Marketing, we accept articles on other topics like Business, Sports, Health, Technology, Power and Tools and Home and Design. We will allow a maximum 2 ‘do follow’ backlinks. We accept articles on MS Office or HTML file.

We insist that each para in the article contains not more than 150 words and under each heading or sub-heading, there should not be more than 300 words.

Articles of high quality

We accept articles only if they are of high quality. The article must be free of grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes, and improper punctuation. We will not allow writers to take backlinks for fake blogs and we accept only original articles that are written exclusively for our blog. We will not accept duplicate content.

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