How to win friends and influence enemies wow

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How to win friends and influence enemies wow? Nowadays, it’s a common question.  But don’t worry, today I will tell you about it.

You may know that Success comes from the ability to express ideas, show leadership and generate enthusiasm among others, according to Dale Carnegie. He teaches you three techniques for dealing with people, six ways to endear yourself, twelve steps to convince people and nine ways to change people without generating annoyance. You learn how to make people feel valued and important in a practical way and with anecdotes.

                     How to win friends and influence enemies wow

Many have the idea that they are not good enough and fear rejection. I too have the deep fear that others do not like me and that I unexpectedly fall through the basket when it becomes clear that I do not actually propose anything.

The fear of rejection led me to do everything to be like. I strove for appreciation and approval. The needs, preferences and sometimes demands of my environment determined my choices. I still know the fear of rejection, but it no longer determines my life.

  • If you do not speak out, you do not speak to anyone

To keep the whole world a friend was my goal for a long time. The conflicts that I kept out of the door, I experienced within myself the more … My inner turmoil taught me an important lesson: because I wanted to keep everyone friend, nobody could become my friend.

I also see it with starting entrepreneurs: for fear of losing customers, they prefer everyone as a customer. By helping everyone, they ultimately do not help anyone. 

  • What does this have to do with presentations? 

It is a big misunderstanding if you think you can stand apart from your presentation as a person.
Only a spokesperson may take care of the external communication of yourself, your company or organization. In any other case, you automatically take the lead and you are responsible for the quality and consequences of your presentation.

The public will only be able to remember you if you touch them. Therefore, translate
abstract and general matters in a concrete way into the perception of your target group.

  • Dare to take a position

Make it clear which way you stand and give your personal opinion about facts, figures, and research results. This will make your presentation emotionally charged. The public wants to know what they have to you before they make a connection with you. Not everyone will agree with you. Some find your thoughts controversial. To make the difference, you must dare to evoke resistance. The other person has the right to know what you stand for. For that, you have to dare to take a position.

  • Only by speaking you can the other person appeal to you

If you do not dare to come out for your own opinion and are afraid to kick others on the toes, then you should not hold presentations.
And with this view, I try to hit you again :-).

Are you afraid of rejection or worried about falling in the basket? We are very curious how you deal with this. Let us know below.

Last word

This global bestseller is timeless and still very relevant. It has already helped millions of people, both business and private. Now you can read how you get the most out of yourself.  I hope you guys like this article. Please comment in below.

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