How To Make Pumpkin Pie in Minecraft – With Pictures

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Pumpkin pie is good food from Minecraft. It restores 8 points of hunger and all ingredients can be easily grown. To do this, you need a pumpkin, an egg and sugar.

Follow this Steps:

Pumpkin Pie in Minecraft Step 1
  • Join in your materials.
Pumpkin Pie in Minecraft Step 2
  • Make sugar from a piece of sugar cane. It grows naturally in almost all biomes near the water.
Pumpkin Pie in Minecraft Step 3
  • Find an egg. They are laid by chickens while they live.
Pumpkin Pie in Minecraft Step 4
  • Find a pumpkin.
Pumpkin Pie in Minecraft Step 5
  • Open a desk or your inventory.
Pumpkin Pie in Minecraft Step 6
  • Place the sugar, egg and pumpkin in any order or shape in the work area.
Pumpkin Pie in Minecraft Step 7
  • Pull the pumpkin pie back into your inventory.

With a pumpkin pie you can satisfy your hunger in Minecraft. We’ll show you how to make the food and what the pumpkin pie is good for.

Crafting Recipe: Pumpkin Pie in Minecraft

Pumpkin pie in minecraft
                      Pumpkin pie in Minecraft
Unlike a normal Minecraft cake , the pumpkin pie cannot be placed in the world. Instead, you can eat it right-click, restoring eight hunger points. Alternatively, the cake can often be exchanged with villagers for emeralds. The most Dangerous Game Theme
  1. To craft a pumpkin pie you need a pumpkin, an egg and sugar.
  2. Place the egg in the middle of a crafting table and place the pumpkin in the box to the left. Finally, place the sugar in the bottom left corner to create the pumpkin pie.
  3. Pumpkins are scattered all over the world and you get eggs from chickens. We also show you how to make sugar in one of our game tips.

The pumpkin pie only regenerates your hunger bar, not your life. However, we will show you how to regenerate life points in Minecraft on the next.

With a few tricks you can increase your chances of survival in Minecraft: How to heal and fill your life, we show you in our practical tip.

Minecraft: to win life with food

Generally, your hearts fill up automatically when you are not hungry. The bar to the right of your life indicator (symbols such as meatballs) shows your current hunger status. If at least 9 out of 10 clubs are filled in the display, the hearts will regenerate at the rate of half a heart in 4 seconds. So that you do not die in low life, you should therefore always have enough food with you.
  • At 9/10 meatballs, your life slowly builds up again. On the other hand, if there are no meatballs, you will lose life depending on the level of difficulty you have set as you starve to death.
  • To fill the food bar, you can eat, among other things, bread, potatoes or meat. You should always cook potatoes and meat in an oven first – this increases the nutritional value.

Minecraft: Healing potions for life

Starting with version 1.8 you can brew potions in Minecraft – the potion of healing and regeneration restore your lives. How to brew the potions:
  1. For healing potions you first need a water bottle and a “nether wart”. From this you can brew the strange potion, which is the basis for the further potion.
  2. When you brew the strange potion with a sparkling melon (melon and 8 gold nuggets), you receive the potion of healing. With “Glowstonestaub” you can enhance the effect even more – this restores a total of 4 hearts instead of the normal 2 hearts.
  3. Alternatively, you can brew the weird potion with a “gruel”. This Potion of Regeneration gives you 4 hearts in 10 seconds over a 45 second period. The potion is therefore particularly well suited for fighting.

Gold apples in Minecraft – the strongest food

Gold apples are the strongest food in minecraft. The enchanted gold apple is therefore often referred to as OP apple (OP = Overpowered).
  • Normal Gold Apple: The normal gold apple is crafted from 8 gold nuggets and an apple in the middle. He briefly acts as a portion of regeneration and adds 2 additional hearts to the player for 2 minutes.
  • Enchanted Gold Apple: The stronger Gold Apple is crafted from 8 gold blocks and an apple in the middle. The OP apple makes the player immortal for a short time: In addition to additional lives and a 30-second regeneration of strength 5, you will receive the effects of fire protection and resistance for another 5 minutes.
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