How To Install Raised Panel Shutters

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How To Install Raised Panel Shutters?

Shutters are installed to enhance the appearance and value of a property as well as protect interior space from heat, light and flying objects, among other reasons. These benefits can only be enjoyed when you get customized raised panel shutters to meet your envisioned specific needs. The decision to install shutters will be informed by a number of factors including

Preferred Design-

shutters come in different designs. These shutters can be classified into interior and exterior shutters. Among the common exterior, shutters are lovely louvers, raised panel, board, and batten as well as hurricane shutters.

Examples of interior shutters include shaker style, café style, and tier-on-tier style. The positioning of shutters determines whether they will be used for decoration or protecting your glass panes from projectiles. Consult a specialist to help you decide on the type of match your preferred design with professional expectations in the market.


how much have you set aside for installation of shutters? Shutters are available at varying prices. The price is determined by the material used in the manufacture of shutters, the size and design specifics.

Metallic and wooden shutters are slightly expensive compared to shutters made of synthetic materials. You install the strong materials when targeting security and protection against projectiles, especially during a storm. However, there are lighter and less expensive shutters made of synthetic materials for decoration purposes.

Architectural Pattern of the House-

shutters should not appear as though they are not part of the house. The patterns and colors should be aligned with the general architectural design of your house. A Mediterranean architectural design will demand a Bahamas styled shutter, for example.

There are housing estates where estate managers must approve such additions. Consult an expert to see that the shutters do not alter the appearance or design perception of the entire house.

Type of Material-

shutters are made of different materials. These materials include wood, metal, and other synthetic materials. The choice of material will depend on your budget and architectural preferences.

Choose a durable material, will provide security and will be aligned to your architectural preferences. While fabricated shutters come in multiple colors and designs, you can paint on metallic and wooden shutters several times in their lifetime.

Purpose For Installing-

why are you installing the shutters on your house? Each homeowner has a different and unique reason to install the shutters. These reasons include decoration, security and concealing activities in the house. Exterior raised panel shutters, for example, are an addition onto the existing window. They protect the window pane from projectiles and will also keep your interior unharmed in case of a storm.

If you need shutters for decoration, there are different types available in the market. You do not require the strong metallic variety for decoration purposes. Consult an expert who will guide you on the perfect shutters to use depending on your intentions.

Check reviews of shutters used and available nearby. You will have to choose patterns and colors that suit your desires. By choosing the right shutters, you enjoy excellent value for money.

Installation of Shutters           

Raised panel shutters are specially designed to protect your interiors during a storm or such hazards. However, they must also be aesthetically appealing to match the architectural designs of the house. The installation will, therefore, have to balance all these factors.

Planning for the installation of shutters requires consideration of the surface on which you will be fixing them. Some of the surfaces on which the shutters are installed include wood, stucco, aluminum, masonry, bricks, and hardboard, among others. It means that the process of installation, skills and tools will be different.

Installation does not require any sophisticated tools or skills. However, you have to do it right or engage a professional because if the installation is not right, the raised panel shutters will fail to serve the intended purpose. Here is a procedure to follow when installing shutters to ensure that they meet your expectations.

The tools to use during installation will depend on the type of shutters and the surface on which installation is being done. The most common tools include an electric drill, hammer, measuring tape, drill bit and shutter spikes. Each type of shutter comes with unique spikes. The tools to use will depend on the surface you are drilling and installing these shutters.

  • Mark the Place Where Installation Will Be Done

Place marks carefully on the wall where you desire to install the shutters. The marks must be done accurately and based on the size of shutters being installed. You will need a measuring tape to take the height of your window or length of the door. Measure each door or window to avoid discrepancy. Leave at least an inch to allow the door and window to open.

  • Drill Holes

The holes are drilled before the shutters are latched on the wall. If the marks had been done professionally, you would have no problem installing your shutters. The hole should be 3 ¼ deep. This guarantees a firm grip. The size of the hole determines whether the shutters will hold firm on the wall. If they do not hold firmly, they may fall off and injure people or be broken.

  • Put Shutter Spikes In Place

Shutter spikes form part of the package and require careful installation. The installation must also be accurate because it will determine whether the shutters fall into place. There is a shank that tightens the spikes against the wall or window to hold them in place. If the spikes are not installed properly, they can be damaged, blow off the wall or destroyed by debris during a storm. However, they must never be over tightened because they begin to dimple.

The installation of exterior raised panel shutters should be done by professionals. Manufacturers of shutters also provide directions on how the shutters should be installed. The package is unique based on the dimensions you give. Professional installation and the choices made will ensure that these shutters deliver excellent value for money by meeting your expectations during storage.

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