How to hit a golf ball

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How to hit a golf ball? If you consider that the game of golf is difficult, you may be right. Golf not only requires an understanding of how to hit the right golf ball but also the perseverance. That’s why a golfer needs the help of a coach who is able to help you master various techniques in the game of golf.

How to hit a golf ball

How To Hit The Right Golf Ball For Beginners

In the game of golf, there are three techniques of hitting the ball that must be done correctly in order to produce an accurate and further punch. The three techniques are preparing the basic attitude, holding the grip correctly and swinging the golf club. If these three techniques are done correctly, then the player is likely to produce an accurate punch to score the best score and win the game.

  1. Preparing for Basic Attitude

  • A basic attitude is required to ensure that the player stands in a solid body position so as to produce a perfect blow.
  • The basic attitude begins by positioning the front foot slightly ahead of the ball so the ball looks like between the legs. Make sure that the distance between the legs is wider than the width of your shoulder.
  • Avoid standing too close to the ball, take a distance that is not too far but also not too close, but allows the space to make a punch.
  • Bend your knees slightly so that the body is slightly bent and the position of the hand is straight down. Thus, the posture looks more robust and ready to make a strong punch.

      2. Holding the Right Grip

If your body position and basic attitude are correct, how to hit the right golf ball next is to make sure that your grip technique or grip holding technique is also correct. There are three ways to hold the correct grip of Overlapping Grip, Interlocking Grip, and Baseball Grip. Each grip technique is capable of producing different grip pressures so that the swing strength and range of punches achieved can be different.

  • Overlapping grip Overlapping Grip

A technique can be selected if a golfer wants a more stable golf stick. How to hold a golf club is like how to hold the baseball bat just the right-hand position a bit more upwards. In this type of grip handle, the position of the little finger of the right hand can be between the index finger and the middle finger of the left hand.

  • An interlocking grip

Interlocking grip is a technique that holds grip most widely used by professional golfer because it has excellent stability. interlocking grip is done by holding the golf club like holding the baseball bat and then hooking the little finger of the right hand with the index finger of the left hand.

       3. Swinging Golf Sticks

The technique of swinging a golf club becomes the most important part of how to hit a golf ball properly. In the game of golf, there are two stages in swinging golf clubs namely backswing and downswing.

Backswing is a movement of swing stick to the back until it reaches the top of the head as preparation for momentum collision sticks and balls. Backswing is done by lifting the stick toward the back while rotating the pelvis about 90 degrees. When doing a backswing, the rotation of the pelvis is parallel to the direction of the ball blow.

While the downswing movement is a movement of the body following the movement of the hand to gain swing momentum made after the backswing. The downswing is done by swinging the stick forward while twisting. At the end of the downswing movement, the right hand will remain straight while the left hand will be slightly bent.

Last Word

Practice makes a man perfect is a proverb which indicates that practice brings perfection in any work. Do more practice to get your success.

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