How to create a website like Yahoo Answers?

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If you ever find yourself in the mood for a new website to create, you can check out Yahoo Answers to get some idea of what kinds of websites are popular. I'm sure you'll find a few interesting and unique websites that have yet to be created. The process is pretty much the same as creating any other website, but with Yahoo Answers getting 10 million unique visitors every day, your site will likely see a lot of traffic too!

As long as you know how to make a website before starting making one, it shouldn't be too difficult for anyone who has experience with coding or designing websites to creating an answer-based site like this one.

Is Yahoo Answers Still Around?

Yes, it is! If you've been around Yahoo Answers for a while, then you may know that it has changed quite a bit since its earlier days.

Yahoo Answers wasn't big on security and customer service in the early days of Yahoo Answers. By the time the site started to grow and get famous, the design was bland and not very aesthetic. The developers decided to change how Yahoo Answers looked. By changing how an older crowd would interact with their search engine and emails rather than Facebook or Twitter, they figured those new users would be more inclined to use Yahoo Answers over searching other sites or using Facebook.

What Is a Good Replacement for Yahoo Answers?

While Yahoo Answers is a pretty good replacement for a few different niche sites, there are lots of other questions and answer sites that you can choose from as well.

Some other question-answering websites include Quora, which has many topics that you can ask questions about. Most questions are answered by experts who've been around the industry for years. While Facebook has similar features to Yahoo Answers, the theme and design seem more engaging when using Yahoo Answers.

You can also go to Emediaworld and ask questions about anything on the site. While they look similar at first, they are more focused on community building than Yahoo Answers is. If you want to create a site to answer questions, then we've got a few tips for you that'll help get your new website off the ground in no time!

Why Are Yahoo Answers Being Shut Down?

Yahoo has decided to get rid of the Yahoo Answers website. It is due to a few different reasons.

While they always had a pretty active user base, their traffic was highly volatile and unpredictable compared to other sites like Google or even Facebook. They both have systems that allow for ads and content to be distributed to a broader audience without having the site crash.

One of the reasons is that Yahoo Answers is not very reliable in terms of security or customer service compared to other sites.

Yahoo Answers has always been a popular site to answer questions, but since it's not very reliable, the site is being shut down in favor of other sites used for the same purpose.

Where Can I Ask Questions and Get Answers Now?

Although Yahoo was the first primary question-answering website out there, it's not the only one you can use. You've got Devhubby, Quora, Theinternettoday, Sidsprojectimpact and hundreds of other sites to choose from if you're looking for a place to get answers. While it's sad that Yahoo is being shut down, you've got to admit that its design was pretty bad in the first place!

There are plenty of good answer websites out there to choose from, so the chances are that you'll find something that you like. The only downside of this new development is that if someone asks a question on Yahoo Answers and gets no answer, their questions will be lost forever. However, if they asked on another website, they'd still be able to get an answer.

How Can I Make My Question & Answer Site?

DW Question & Answer WordPress plugin makes it easy to add social features, especially ones you can use to build your Question & Answer sites.

This plugin will handle not only questions and answers but also social networking, so you can make a site where people can ask questions and get answers on their sites. One of the best things about this plugin is that it uses REST services rather than AJAX or JavaScript to get the information back and forth between your site and Yahoo Answers because it's more secure and reliable.

Cloud platform can be used to create a question-and-answer site. There is no need to install any plugin or software. Just create an account at, install WordPress and make a question-and-answer site on mywebforum within 10 minutes. It also offers security, speed and customer service that Yahoo Answers didn't!

While Yahoo Answers has been around for almost a decade now, it's not one of the most reliable or secure sites in customer service or search features. If you're looking to earn money from your site or get lots of traffic, then you might want to try another question-answering site that offers more on these fronts. There are plenty of newer sites out there that give you more security, reliability, and even better search results than Yahoo Answers does.

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