How long does it take to learn guitar

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How long does it take to learn guitar? You want to learn to play guitar one day… But before you are a reasonable guitarist you are definitely going for a few months. A number of questions will also be discussed. Anyone who claims that you can learn to play guitar within 1 month is wrong in my eyes!


How long does it take to learn guitar

Just Keep reading to understand the matter of fact…

Which guitar is a suitable beginners guitar, what strings to it, the guitar case you need, what plectrum is good and how are you going to learn to play guitar? For a novice guitarist who wants to play guitar, I have made a 4 step plan to make the first choices right. And you know … a good start is half the work!

How do I learn how to play guitar well?

Simple … by not wanting to learn to play guitar quickly. The book you have good progress and how long it takes to learn to play guitar, then? This depends on your own motivation and commitment.

I advise beginners to play guitar for at least 15 minutes per day. Keep repeating many lessons in the beginning, until you are sure that you have mastered them. Go through the sour apple, so the pain in your fingers and the theory (which everyone, in the beginning, must go through).

Many beginners think that technique and ability will come into being by itself. This is a false and frustrating outlook, sometimes stopping you to play the instrument.

Learn music like a marathon, not like a sprint run. According to experience, learning takes time, continuously, requiring patience, time and concept of correct understanding.

The speed of learning and learning each lesson, rather than just learning on what you love. Let the will lead you. Learn according to your step. Let your curiosity grow. And behind it all, you will find something fun…

Learning to play guitar – Step 1

Super that you have chosen to go on playing guitar. Of course, the first step is to purchase a guitar. This can be done in different price ranges, but as long as you are not sure whether you are a virtuoso, or if you do not know whether you like to play guitar, I advise you to buy a guitar between that € 100, = and € 200. , = maximum. I would also always choose a Western guitar and not a Spanish / classical guitar.

Learning to play guitar – Step 2

You have a guitar, but of course, you also have to protect him if you take him outside. The cheapest option is to purchase a guitar cover. A more expensive variant is the purchase of a guitar case. The word says it all … the suitcase is a lot firmer and more robust than the cover. For a guitar of less than € 200, = I would rather opt for a more expensive cover than for a cheaper suitcase. The choice is yours.

Learning to play guitar – Step 3

You need some small things. A guitar stand, a number of picks, a capo and a tuner provides the overall picture. It is always useful to have an extra set of strings with you. Nothing is more annoying than that your string breaks and you do not have a replacement string with you.

Learning to play guitar – Step 4

Choose a good teacher. I would always choose that method that suits you. The 4 options you have are private lessons, online guitar, a music school and learning yourself. I would really advise against option 4 personally!

Last Word

That’s it. I hope you understand the original matter of fact. Now you should decide to learn guitar.

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