How long does it take to bleed out

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How long does it take to bleed out? Normally a woman asked like this when she went giving birth to a child. Actually, she wants to know that how long does it take to bleed out after birth a child.

Immediately after birth, you bleed from the place of the uterus where the placenta has been stuck. Bleeding with fresh blood lasts from a few days to one week after birth. Then the discharge changes. It is called a maternity leave, and it can last for four to six weeks after birth. To avoid infection, do not go to the swimming pool, take a tub, use a tampon or have a condom without a condom as long as you bleed. 

How long does it take to bleed out

Some women think that afterward make as bad as real feathers. But the vast majority of people only experience the same as moderate menstrual pain. After feeding is due to the uterus contracting after birth. Aftercare comes especially when you are breastfeeding.

Bleeding after birth: What you need to know!

Bleeding after birth is quite normal and lasts up to 8 weeks. During this period it is especially important to have good time hygiene and take other precautions to avoid infections. Get advice here!

Immediately after birth, you bleed from the site of the womb where the placenta has been stuck. So you bleed from your abdomen, regardless of whether you have born normally or by cesarean section. It is usually to bleed 6-8 weeks after birth.

Initially, bleeding is reddish and more powerful than menstruation, and you will typically need the large hospital binder or use night bites even during the day. After a couple of days, however, bleeding slowly decreases, and most people can use a regular menstrual binder. Tampons and menstrual bumps are not advised due to the risk of infection in the uterus.

In order to avoid infections, you should also not go to the swimming pool, go for a tub or have a non-condom intercourse as long as you bleed. 

Intimate hygiene after birth

It is generally important to have a good in time hygiene, and it applies especially in the post-birth period where you bleed. This is to avoid infections.

Therefore, change the volume frequently and take a daily shower. Avoid using an intimate soap or other soap to wash yourself the first time after birth.

If you have been sewn during birth, it is important to keep the wounds clean. Therefore, brush your mouth with lukewarm water as you peel as long as it is swallowing. 

Keep an eye on your bleeding

As mentioned, it is normal to soften after birth, but keep an eye on how to bleed.

Bleeding must always be evenly decreasing and after the first week’s time become more brownish, it will eventually consist only of sparse discharge. This is called a maternity leave. Occasionally there may be fresh reddish bleeding, and this is also normal as long as the bleeding is generally decreasing. Continuing the massive fresh bleeding long after the first week after birth, it is a good idea to just ask your doctor.

The bleeding must also not be smelly as it may indicate an infection of the uterus, as well as fever and pronounced tenderness around the uterus, should be taken seriously.

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