How Do You Prevent Mold In The Bathroom?

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Mold in your bathroom or anywhere in your home is a serious health hazard. People with the respiratory problem will be the main victim. It will damage the strength and integrity of the walls of the bathroom too.

The problem with mold is that you can’t see them directly unless you take a close look at the corners of your bathroom. Trust me, if your bathroom is damp always, there is somewhere inside your bathroom a handsome amount of mold is growing.

Usually, the damp and dark places of the bathroom are the ideal places of the mold to grow. In this article, I will discuss some effective solutions to prevent mold in the bathroom.

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How Do You Prevent Mold In The Bathroom?

Which part of your home keeps dark and damp most of the time? Yes, your bathroom. As you know why mold grows, preventing it is really simple and easy. Just follow the following tips to keep your bathroom mold-free and improve air quality.

  1. Wash Rugs & Shower Curtains

I believe you already know that the rugs and shower curtains retain most water than any other stuff inside the bathroom, right? Since they remain damp most of the time, mold is a natural consequence there too.

You have to regularly wash those rugs and curtains. Most of these items go directly inside the washing machine. But you should read the tags first to see what would be the ideal cleaning solution.

There are mold and mildew resistant curtains in the market. You can consider replacing your shower curtains too.

  1. Remove Water From Walls

After you take a hot shower, the walls get wet each time. That’s how the walls get damped and it is a breeding ground for the mold. If your bathroom wall is not water-resistant, you must remove all the water from there using a hand brush or any wash towel. It’s your bathroom, so you have to do a boring task.

Along with the squeegee, consider wiping off the tub, toilet, and sink too.

  1. No Unorganized Bottles

Any bottles of shampoo, gel, sponges, loofahs, etc will hold water and mold will grow there too. Worst case scenario, mold will be hidden there. Instead, keep them organized after you use them and keep them inside the bathroom cabinet.

Do not clutter with these bottles. It makes your bathroom look bad and cluttered bathroom is an ideal place for the mold.

  1. Control House Humidity Level

If the humidity level of your house is high, you can’t lower the humidity inside the bathroom. High humidity will increase the chance of growing mold to spread everywhere. Get a dehumidifier and control the overall house humidity level.

  1. Seal Grout Lines

Nowadays, almost all bathrooms have grout lines. In between those tile lines and cracked grout, mold can grow if unnoticed. Mold loves those grout lines. Using any standard grout sealer, seal those grout lines. You should do that once in every year.

It’s ideal to replace your shower grout once in every 6 months. Whenever you change the grout, make sure to seal them with any quality latex penetrating sealer. I know, such sealers are expensive but they are very effective to prevent mold to grow in between those tiles of your bathroom.

Clean the tiles and grout once in every week with pH-neutral cleaner. That way, there will be no chance for the mold to grow and develop.

  1. Ventilation Fan

Unless you want a damp bathroom always, a bathroom ventilation fan is a must. It will move out all the moistures each time you take a hot shower from the bathroom. Besides, it brings in the fresh air inside the bathroom too. So, in addition, to keep the bathroom damp-free, it improves the air quality too.

If your bathroom fan is not working properly or if you don’t have a modern exhaust fan installed, I strongly recommend you get one ASAP. If you need to learn more about such a bathroom fan, just click here.

Most people don’t keep the ventilation fan open for a longer time due to the increased electricity bill or whatever reasons. Modern bathroom fans are electricity efficient and some of them are meant to running 24/7.

If your exhaust fan is not a modern one, at least try to keep it running for 30 minutes after each time you take a hot shower.

  1. Fix Leakage Problems

There could be any kind of leakage inside a bathroom. Always examine all the bathroom fixtures for such leakage and fix them as soon as you can. Constant water dripping will keep the bathroom wet and moist which is a great reason for the mold to grow.

  1. Keep The Window/Door Curtains Open

Yes, they are very effective to prevent scorching heat from the sun during the summer. But you should keep them open to keep your bathroom dry. At least do this each time you take a shower. Inside a dry bathroom, there is no place for the mold to grow.

  1. Wipe Down Bathroom Surface

It’s similar to wiping off the bathroom walls. They way you should wipe off the walls, do the same for the bathroom floor. In case you have a glass shower, wipe off the excess waters from the glass walls as well. Leave no chance for the mold to grow.

  1. Weekly Cleaning Schedule

You need to be consistent in everything you do to keep your bathroom mold-free. You already know why. But the more specific reason is that mold spores can remain dormant for a very long time. All they need is the right environment to grow.

So, you need to consistently clean your bathroom to give such molds no chance at all. Regularly scrub your toilet, sink, tub, walls, etc. to keep them clean. Make sure there is enough air-flow and light inside the bathroom.


Preventing the mold to grow is always better than get rid of it subsequently. It’s possible if you keep your bathroom dry and clean always. Now that you know all the tricks, start following them.

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