High Website Rankings — You In The “Top Ten

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High Website Rankings — You In The “Top Ten”?

Organic Search Still Rules for Search Engine Ranking

Does this search engine scenario describe you? => “My site was ranked #1 for years. Then it dropped off completely. 8 months later was #1 again for 2 months. Dropped again.”

We specialize in high site rankings, and we will tell you why this may be happening and more.

A search engine listing is worthless if you finish last. Purchase domain name Do you even rank in the organic results?

Search engine users generally only explore the first 10 or 20 sites in the search results. If your site is not ranking in the search engines for at least the top 20, you will not be found. High rankings is an important result metric, and ranking high is a step-by-step process.

FREE RANKING REPORT: Please review this page for your Free Ranking Reports Package.

Also, make sure to submit to the search engines via the Pro Search Submission service.

If you want to get better search engine ranking, provide the following:

  • targeted traffic with a quality product or service
  • a well-crafted sales letter (copywriter!)
  • a backend process with deep follow-up capability

If you have these three, success is virtually guaranteed. Add maintenance and monitoring services with strong analytics tracking, and you can sleep more comfortably.

The good thing is that all targeted traffic comes from the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN and it’s totally FREE.

Search engine traffic is one of the best type of traffic because people have to type a particular keyword or keyword phrase to find websites related to their interests or to find websites that can offer a potential solution to their problems. Done right, the traffic can usually be very targeted and if your site appears among the top (Top 10), chances are high that they will click on your listings. High search engine ranking is therefore key!

A recent study, tracking search results eye movements of users viewing Google search result pages (organic results), showed that most viewers looked at results in an “F” shaped scan pattern.

High Website Rankings.com can assist you with this level of “gold” placement. We provide complimentary reports, whitepapers, guides, tools, email courses for website ranking and SEO/SEM process management. Contact Highwebsiterankings.com to get your free reports and get yourself up high in the search engine rankings.

As an effort to bring value to our users,  is offering this powerful search engine ranking software tool so you can use it anytime, any day where you can analyze and pull out valuable SEO information of any website such as Google PageRank, Alexa Pagerank, Domain Age, Traffic Value, Yahoo Directories, Yahoo Backlinks, Google Indexed Pages, Yahoo Indexed Pages, and more.Remember, this search engine positioning software tool is FREE, and if you really like it, bookmark this page so you can use it as a regular SEO tool to analyze your own sites performance or your competition performance. Just write down in the box below the name of the website you would like to analyze and that’s it! Thanks again , and if you would like to write a comment about us, you reach us at admin@websiterankingtool.org

Why Do I need to Use This Website Ranking Tool?

If you are really serious about SEO you don’t need only analyze how your website is doing with SERPS, but also you need to analyze your competition. It is crucial this kind of website ranking tool to know where are you in the web and where is your competition.

Analyzing your competition will give you a better understanding why they are in a particular position and actually gives you a “hint” about what does need to be done in order to beat them. With this website ranking tool you will have real numbers about how many backlinks they have, how old is a particular domain name, how good is doing in Alexa, what is the page rank of a particular domain, how much a particular domain worth, etc. Guest Posting Service Thanks to this website ranking tool you can have all this information with a click of a mouse…FREE!!

I know this won’t be the solution of your problems, but this website ranking tool is nice start to analyze your competition. If you don’t find out why your competition is doing better than you, your website will be dead pretty soon…for real!!

A great website ranking tool is a must in your arsenal of SEO Analysis, and if you look at the side bar I have gathered a great selection of website ranking tool you can use, either the free trial version or the paid version. You need to invest time and money in your online business, and please, do me a big favor….If someone tells you that you can make money online with 5 mins. of work everyday within 30 days cashing 1000′s of dollars…Run…run as fast as you can because the only way you can make money online is treating your website or project as a business, seriusly and putting all the effort and time, and money you can.

I was so wrong in the begenning thinking that there is a formula out there that I can use to make money online without spending a dime…How dumb I was!! Now, I realized that in order to make money you have invest your money. Note that I don’t say “spend” your money, since is for your business and you buy a website ranking tool for it, It is an investment. Maybe you can’t see money right now, but in the long run you will, just enjoy the journey and learn, and grow within as a person and human been. I wish you the best and I hope my website ranking tool helps you to start analyzing your competition so you can make a killing…

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