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Write for Us “Health and Fitness” post as a guest

Are you an internet marketer? have you gotten our blog by searching health and fitness write for us?. that is the right place for you. send us your articles to : . I will give you dofollow backlinks.

If you get our blog by searching Health and Fitness Write For Us. Then that is the right place for you. we will accept your articles. We accept health and fitness, Power and tools, Home Improvement, SEO/Internet marketing related articles also. so you can send us only unique and SEO friendly articles.

Health and Fitness Write For Us
Health and Fitness Write For Us

Why Should you Search health and fitness write for us on Google?

Health and fitness write for us- A guest post (topic: health and fitness) ideally extends the stylistic and thematic scope of a blog, bringing in the fresh air and new perspectives, and can be extremely exciting for readers. Guest contributions are popular – with the publishers for the above reasons; authors who can make a name for themselves and use the reach of the publishing site.

However, guest contributions are unfortunately also often used alone for link marketing. As a result, they use themselves. And not a few authors do not give it the appropriate effort, so it comes to extensive corrections, numerous requests and complete revisions of the guest article.

If he’s even published. What you should pay attention to when writing a guest article.

If you have enough knowledge of health and fitness tips for readers, as a guest contributor you should Search health and fitness write for us on Google.

The guest article writes about health and fitness: The view of bloggers and publishers

Guest Post icon hashtag We also publish regular guest contributions on the guidelineblog. Every week we get around 5 new topics and articles. Sometimes the manuscripts are even finished and sent without prior agreement.

A bad habit. Because then these posts have no chance of a publication, especially since they were not at all tailored to the target page. This does not only make unnecessary trouble for the publisher, but also for the author, who then sits on his unpublished manuscript.

#How to Find Suitable Blog by searching for health and fitness write for us

There are many health and fitness blog in online. If you would like to become a permanent guest author, we look forward to hearing from you. Guest contributions from Blogger colleagues are welcome, as long as they fit in with the themes of our blog ( Health and Fitness). Of course, you do not have to have a blog yourself in order to write a guest post.

If you would like to become a permanent guest author as a health and fitness writer than reading health and fitness on a journal newspaper article or online health blog and get an idea to write about health and fitness.

Fitness newsletter is a comprehensive summary of the day’s most important blog posts and news articles from the best Fitness websites on the web and delivered to your email inbox each morning. To subscribe, simply provide us with your email address.

Way to find out a suitable blog by searching for health and fitness write for us

Search on Google network health and fitness write for us or other search engines like (facebook, yahoo). Search and find thousands of blogs ranked by traffic and readers. Write For Us or Guest post on Health Article Resource.

Submit your guest post here and it will be published if it’s a good fit. The Best Fitness blogs from thousands of top Fitness blogs in our index using search and social metrics. Data will be refreshed once a week. Also, check out Fitness Podcasts and Fitness Youtube Channels.

Why Keyword health and fitness write for us  is important to find health-related guest posting blog

“Health and Fitness” keyword is very important for a blog or a human life. If you want to keep your body healthy and fit than you should read lots of health and fitness blog articles.

We love health that’s why we take care of the health and fitness every day.

It is more important to us that you exercise consciously and, above all, health-oriented. Very few people want to rush into the studio 3-4 times a week and do a sweaty workout after another. Most of the time, this type of overload is not that good for the body.

Because that is important to us!

Try to remember when was the last time you wrote your hand more than one page of the paper? It’s been a long time? No problem, because most people experience the same thing.

As technology advances and daily activities rely on speed, the need to write by hand is increasingly replaced by the ease of typing on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or notebook. So, it is no longer strange if many people prefer to type on a computer keyboard or touch screen cellphone rather than having to bother manually writing using their hands on paper.

Even so, did you know that writing manually has far more health benefits than typing using a gadget? How did it happen? Check out the reviews in this article.

Most people claim that they haven’t written manually for a long time

In 2014, Docmail, a mail delivery company, and printing company in the UK conducted a survey of 2 thousand people. As a result, one in three respondents did not write a hand for more than six months. Not only that, the survey also showed that the average respondent had not written manually for more than 41 days.

The findings are actually not too surprising. The reason is, the more sophisticated technology allows you to do daily activities so it’s easier. This also makes many people begin to abandon the habit of writing hands and prefer to type using a gadget device.

In fact, writing manually is useful for honing motor skills

Although writing using a keyboard is an ability that is the key to the future, mastering the ability to write hands has its own effect on the body.

According to Eduard Gentaz, a professor in psychology at Geneva University said that writing directly by hand is a complicated activity that requires various skills. Simple handwriting is the result of a unique singular movement throughout the body.

Because someone needs time to be able to write hands. You need to learn how to hold the right pencil, memorize various alphabets, so you can write word for word. Well, this is the biggest difference compared to if you type using the keyboard.

Unlike writing, the typing gesture is always the same as the letters, which is only limited to pressing the button. In fact, motor skills that are honed by handwriting are needed especially when someone is still a child.

Other health benefits that can be obtained from writing by hand

In addition to honing motor skills, handwriting also offers a variety of health benefits that are not to be missed.

For some people, writing is a powerful way to express feelings for everything they are experiencing. In fact, a New Zealand study states that writing thoughts and feelings after a traumatic event can actually make physical injuries heal faster.

While according to a study published in the journal Advance in Psychiatric Treatment, the benefits of handwriting are not only experienced in the short term, but also in the long term.

The reason is, people who have the habit of writing manually have been known to have overall health improvement. Starting from improving mood, well-being, and better body functions such as lungs and liver.

Not only that, but writing is also associated with a decrease in blood pressure and stress levels and symptoms of depression.

Apparently, the benefits of writing don’t end there. If you have difficulty sleeping, try writing. According to a study “Applied Psychology: Health and Well-being”, it takes about 15 minutes at night, just to write down everything you are grateful for can make a miracle of your sleep.

The researchers found that study participants who wrote diary notes about various things they were grateful for before going to bed were known to have good and longer sleep quality.

Rules for guest contributions

Guest contributions are welcome. They provide variety and bring new or different perspectives into play. Therefore, you should also make sure in your post that your topic is not already in the same form on our blogs. In addition, we only accept the guest contributions that offer our readers added value and are not geared to self-promotion by the author. Therefore, we have set criteria that your guest contribution must meet in any case:

Added value and expertise

Readers must be able to derive added value from their contribution. Therefore, pick a topic that highlights you as an expert. A topic that our editors can research and write for themselves does not require a guest contribution.

No self-promotion

Advertising or a pure PR report is not considered a guest contribution. References to paid products or frequent references to your own online presence are also covered under “Advertising”. These may be changed in the editorial review.

Matching topic

It should be understood that your chosen topic must fit the themes of our blogs. Get a picture of our target group too. Your contribution should include something new, helpful tips and broad interest. Content marketing and storytelling count with us: relevance, emotions, added value, and inspiration.

Suitable format

Your guest contribution should follow the format of our blog posts. Choose a heading in our style and start with the introductory sentence: A guest post by ” author name “.

Clear Structure

Stick to our posts in the article structure. Divide your text into sections with subheadings. Write at least 500 words and include your sources when referring to studies or other literature.

Author box

At the end of your guest post should be an author box. In the give brief info to your person to the readers. Here further links to your presences are accepted. We also need a photo of you, preferably in landscape format of at least 700 × 450 pixels. Please attach the photo separately in the e-mail.

Exclusive Content

Please only send exclusive posts that you have not already used on other or your own portals. We want to continue to have a high search engine presence and to ensure you with your contribution. Therefore, we strictly reject duplicate content.

Word document

Please send us the finished guest article in a Word document and your photo as a separate attachment. If you include links, please make sure that these are displayed correctly in the text and work well. For security’s sake, you write out the links completely so we can keep track of when something is not working.

Our editorial team reserves the right to make stylistic changes and cuts to the text. If you accept these rules and are still interested in a guest contribution, then feel free to send us your suggestion. Please understand that we discuss the issue with you in advance, because only then can we avoid duplication and achieve the best possible result without long correction loops.

What is Guest Post SEO?

Guest Post is a guest post or a website that provides a feature for users to be able to post an article /content/advertisement to the Guest Post type website.

Benefits of  Guest Post in SEO

Guest Post  In the world of SEO, it can be interpreted as an Off-page SEO technique, which is one of the ways Links Building is natural but has a super SEO impact if done correctly and correctly.

This technique is a source of quality backlinks which will bring on-target traffic.

Free Guest Post sites 

The following are recommendations for the Guest Post  website  that you need to try to build backlinks and bring potential traffic sources:


Fee: Free

This site is the best guest post version of #SEO where Google will give the best ranking in Google search for keywords that are optimized through Article content (pulse) on Linkedin.


keyword: “Free classifieds”

Results: Ranking # 1 Google ID – Do pop version

With search volume:> 2k / month it will provide on-target traffic sources on the main blog or website.


Fee: Free

The medium site platform is where we write content easily & for free, from the guest post side it is as good as linkedln, let’s start writing:

Read:   Indonesian SEO Specialist (Mr. Andreas)

Fees: Free –  Premium

The Free Bog WordPress platform is great for guest Post media and is a very good backlinks provider which will be quickly indexed by search engines especially Google.

Although the ranking is still inferior to Linkedin because the URL uses the Sub-domain model. But from the strength of the backlink is very good, please try.

Google does not state in detail the quality of the Guest Post as what is considered spam, they stated “The low quality of Guest Post writing can be considered as spamming steps. However, this does not mean that Bloggers must delete the Guest Post feature on their website. Preferably, good content selection must be done. Don’t accept content just because to increase website backlinks. But, accept the content because of the interests of the retainer.


Nowadays guest posting is most important for getting high-quality backlinks. So high-quality backlinks are most important for ranking a website on google. But you can also find cheap Search Engine Optimization Packages for rank your website or blog.

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