Hardwood Flooring Tips According To the Experts

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Hardwood floors are bound to uplift the interior of your space. Moreover, it adds value and brings comfort to your home. Since decades we have seen many people opting for the hardwood and engineered wood flooring for their home.

Because, of its durability and organic feel – hardwood floor wins over your heart. Today, in this blog, we are going to share with you various tips from the expert point of view about the wood planks.

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Tips For Installing Wood Floors According To The Experts

The first set of tips we are revealing is about the installation of wood floors as per the experts.

  1. Type of Wood

During the installation, it is essential for you to select the appropriate type of wood. There are many options like oak flooring and parquet flooring available. Each of them varies from the pattern, surface finishes, and of course planks size.

Depending upon your major requirements, you can select the one that fits your budget. Another important point that the experts suggest is to understand the subfloors that must identify the type or thickness of the flooring.

  1. Adjusting Weather

Once you have received the hardwood flooring, let the planks take time in adapting the surroundings. Remember, the hardwood floorboards are natural which expands and contracts due to the weather condition.

Hence, by permitting it to acclimatize you are reducing the risks of wood floors. Ensure that the room is dry and no damp floors. If you are planning to have engineered wood then use it after 72 hours.

  1. Subfloors Preparation

The experts highly suggest you prepare for the subfloors before the installation process begin. Always check the moisture level of the subfloors to prevent the damage. If there are any chemicals or adhesive involved in the usage then it is advisable to remove them.

  1. Read Manuals

Along with the hardwood flooring, you will get detailed guidelines and instruction, which one must follow. It comprises of everything that one needs to know. The professionals also suggest having a superior quality of tools that helps you out.

  1. Installing Wood

The direction of installing wood flooring depends largely upon you. Many people install the floorboards in the way the light comes in. Additionally, if it is a small room then darkens floorboards will enhance the room and make it look spacious.

Tips To Make Hardwood Floor Shine According To Experts

There are many fancy products available in the market that promises you to make the hardwood floor shine. Yet, by following simple tips you will have the best output.

  1. No Shoes

The first tip that every professional advises you is to keep the shoes out of your home. By doing so, the dirt and dust will stay outside of your home. Ensure that you do not wear stockings or socks; you might end up the slip, as flooring is wet.

We suggest walking barefoot or keeping an extra pair of slippers, which you won’t be using out of your home. Also, place a rug outside the entrance to prevent the damage to floors.

  1. Furniture Arrangement

Furniture plays a vital role in preserving the furniture arrangement. Wood is absorbent which easily gets affected by the heavyweight. The proficient advised using the pads under furniture table legs so that to avoid the scratches.

  1. Effective Mopping

Using harsh cleaners and soaps will decline the natural shine of the wood floors. Moreover, it also loses the natural oils.

Hence, you need to sweep or vacuum the floor. But never use the wet mop as it will leave the scratches and streaks on the base.

  1. Buffing

When the natural and homemade remedies fail to bring back the shine then try out the process called Buffing. It means to make the floor shine by rubbing it right after mopping.

Some people select for the cleaning with the cloth diaper. While there are people who get microfiber and cotton clothes.


  1. Spilling Drinks

Many of the wooden flooring experts suggest you keep away the drinks from spilling.  In specific scenarios, it also happens that liquid might seep inside thereby causing the wood to cracks and rot.

To increased longevity, try not to spill the drinks on the floor.

  1. Vacuum Cleaning

Lastly, go for vacuum cleaning. With the appliance, the quality of the flooring is maintained. Besides, it will also remove the impurities, dirt, and molds that are sticking to the surface.

For sustainable wood flooring, it is necessary to get rid of all the dirt. The best part about a vacuum cleaner is that it goes beneath the furniture and area where it impossible to go.

Tips On Selecting Hardwood Flooring For Your Space According to Experts

Now, finally, we have arrived at the last sub-topic, which will cover the array of tips in selecting the wood or parquet flooring, or any other species related to the flooring.

  1. Lifestyle

If we reflect upon the current flooring industry there are plenty of options available. Thus, it is important to think about the lifestyle you are currently leading.

  1. Traffic

Another vital point to consider is traffic on wood flooring. if you are having kids or pets, or perhaps high traffic, then think over your choice in wood flooring.

  1. Solid or Engineered

The common type in the wood is solid or engineered floorboards. Each has its own set of benefits. As the name suggests solid wood is the exact rock-hard. While the engineered is made up of several layers under soft lumber plywood.

  1. Interior Style

Next comes the interior style of your space. Look closely to the furniture, color palette of your home, cabinetry, and other places.  By doing so, you can complement the wood floors with other elements of your space.

  1. Budget

Last but not least, comes the very important tip and that is thinking about your budget. Consider where the floors are installed in your home. Also, do include the costs of materials and professional charge. If you plan to do renovate in the old home then add the cost of removing old wood planks.

So, that was all about the various tips of the hardwood flooring. It can be overwhelming to select, clean or installing the floorboards. But, in the above-mentioned blog, we have jotted down the expert tips that you must follow. If you like the article, then share, and drop your suggestions in the comment section.

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