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Guidelines for Guest Posts on

Guest Post Guidelines
Guest Post Guidelines

You are interested in publishing an article on our blog? Guest authors are always welcome on the In order to promote the exchange of views on the blog and to present our readers with a wide range of topics, we would like to have experts from various fields of expertise express their views. In return, you have the opportunity to make yourself heard on the blog on a specific topic.You have a good idea for a guest contribution? Just write to us at We are happy to give you feedback on topic suggestions and answer any questions – we look forward to your contribution!

Submission of guest contributions

You can send me your guest post by mail. In addition to the guest contribution and at least one picture, this mail must also contain the surname, surname, address and telephone number of the sender. The address and telephone number will not be published (unless explicitly requested) or passed on and, of course, treated confidentially. After a successful examination, I will publish the article under the author name “guest author” in the appropriate category.

For submitted guest contributions the following conditions apply:

  • Each article must contain at least one picture taken by the sender himself (format at least 1200 x 700 px).
  • You must be the author of the guest contribution provided.
  • You must own the publishing rights to submitted texts and images.
  • By submitting the article you declare that he does not violate applicable law.
  • By submitting the article as well as the picture or the pictures you agree that all possible legal consequences from the provided contents are taken over by the sender.
  • Each e-mail with a submitted guest contribution must include first name, surname, address and telephone number (address and telephone number will not be published unless explicitly requested).
  • You transfer the exclusive publication and usage rights to the submitted articles and pictures.
  • You declare that submitted articles have not been published elsewhere (print or online) and will not be published in the future.
  • You agree that advertisements may be displayed on the website of the published submitted article.
  • You agree that the operators of may make changes, additions or reductions in the submitted text and images at any time.
  • Write a few sentences (100 words or less) to you at the end of the post, including a link to your blog/website
  • You agree that submitted guest contributions can also be published on other platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, RSS directories, etc.
  • If the post goes online,  you also promote it via your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and/or newsletters.
  • You should also check back over the first few days and answer any comments.

Please note further:

It may take up to 3 days for me to review the submitted guest contribution. Please do not remember your submitted guest contribution within this period.

How do I write a guest post for SEO?

Writing posts and providing interesting content for its readers is a lot of work. Of course, all this should also be found on the net. But how? Many bloggers who are just getting started or who are not so interested in the technical aspects are certainly wondering how their content can best be found on the Internet. One of the magic words is SEO. But what exactly is it and how is it used?

What is SEO?

SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization and means Search Engine Optimization. It serves to improve the ranking of a blog or a website on Google. But what exactly does “ranking” mean? Let’s say there are 100 blogs on low carb recipes. However, only 10 search results fit on the Google results page. Page 1 is still very often clicked, then the number decreases rapidly. So if your blog is on page 10 at 100 on the search results, you have no chance of being clicked. In order to improve your ranking and be placed on the first pages, you have to do SEO.

What are the ranking factors for?

Google does not really price what the ranking factors are. The experts rely on their experience, which is also controversial. Allegedly Google uses over 500 factors to rank a page. However, over time (and through my own experience) some basics have emerged which I would like to reproduce. One step ahead: The Google algorithm is constantly changing. What’s good today can be bad tomorrow.

Such as the highly coveted keyword tags. Many companies and blogs use keyword tags to determine which keyword they want to find. However, Google views this as manipulation and may even penalize it. It used to be important to Google for the ranking, today they are used (if at all) to rank the page correctly. But even a Google programmer has admitted, “We’re not using this tag at all.”

Tips for a good SEO

The following points, which will be explained in more detail in the next contributions, you should note:

  • Use own domain instead of the third party
  • Use SEO plug-ins
  • Write a description tag and title, direct robots correctly, do not use keyword tags
  • Create individual and unique content
  • Generate backlinks (links pointing to your blog)
  • Use social media channels
  • Edit permalinks
  • Pay attention to technical basics (for example, pay attention to accessibility)

Being a Guest Writer might still sound a little foreign to novice bloggers, so not for those who already know the ins and outs of blogging. Many and often famous top blogs that have reputation offer services to be guest writers.

Being a Guest Writer on other blogs provides many benefits. Anything?

  • Traffic splashes from blogs with many visitors
  • Improve reputation
  • Get quality backlinks
  • Sharpen the ability to write articles
  • Establishing friendship between bloggers

Well, for those of you who have doubts about being a guest writer, don’t worry about that.

Table of Contents


1. Having a Strong Desire

The first thing you must have is a strong desire. What kind of desire? of course, you know what benefits are obtained from being a guest writer above right? well to achieve that, we cannot just write capital, but must be followed by strong desires.

2. Having Confidence

Maybe there are those of you who don’t believe in being guest writers, of course for different reasons. Examples like this:

  • Is my writing accepted?
  • My writing is good or not huh?
  • many see no huh?
  • Wow, 500 words can you or not?

Well, from now on get rid of all the thoughts, and start writing on other blogs for the progress of your blog.

In the past I did not want to bother about being a guest writer, the reason is simple, it doesn’t matter with the writing style. Just last night I sent my guest article to a person’s blog and finally accepted hehe … so you got backlinks

3. Know the requirements given

In order not to make a mistake in making a decision, it would be good to read repeatedly the requirements for guest bloggers. Usually, these requirements are like this:

  • Articles may not copy
  • Pass 100% Copyscape
  • Never before

4. Writing Articles

Make sure the writing style you make does not refer to the promotion of your blog. In addition, use onpage SEO optimization on writing by paying attention to the number of keywords, keyword placement, alt image tags, etc. So that you can give traffic to your blog.


Don’t forget, create your biodata in the author box section. This is so that your blog owners know about your background in the world of blogging.

5. Review Posts

After writing the article, try to see your writing before submitting the article. This is so that there are no writing errors or styles that are not suitable, which you can revise again.

Don’t rush to submit articles. Besides having to be reviewed, we should also check whether there is still plagiarism or not. Try to submit articles that are 100% unique and fresh. So, our efforts to become guest writers will not be in vain.

6. Submitting Posts

After passing the above stages, the next step is to start sending your writing via email.

After submitting your writing, it may take 1-2 days for blog owners to review your writing properly or not. If okay, the blog owner will approve your writing and tell you when the article is posted on his blog.

What if you are rejected? don’t get discouraged, revise the article again and try sending again.

Still rejected? ah, it’s better to just publish it in a blog rather than a headache, don’t accept it.

7. Promotion and Reply to Comments

After your writing is fully approved and published, don’t forget to promote your writing on social media so that more people can read so that you get a lot of traffic.

And don’t forget to answer all comments that come, because that is the obligation of guest bloggers.

So it is enough if 7 Ways to Become a Guest Writer that you must try. Hopefully, this is useful for those of you who are pessimistic about being a guest writer. Does anyone have another way possible?


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