Get Moving To Lose Weight

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Get Moving To Lose Weight

Physical activity is a must for anyone who wishes to lose weight. But, most people find it daunting to exercise, especially if they have been leading a sedentary lifestyle. However, to get your body into the moving track need not be that difficult. Here is how you can get moving to lose weight.

Create a plan
The first thing that you need to do to get moving is to pick up activities that interest you. There are so many activities that could help you lose weight- swimming, jogging, cycling, yoga and more. But, since you are just starting with it, walking could be a good option.

Once you have chalked out your activities, next you need to figure out your monthly plan. Try to allocate time for your exercise for each day. After you have fixed a schedule for yourself, you also need to set goals. You need to decide how frequently or for how long you would exercise. Whenever you meet these goals, make it a point to reward yourself. This way you will have something to look forward to.

Get started
Before you finally hit the treadmill or move on with exercise, you need to give your body some warm up exercises. You need to be more active on an everyday basis. Here are a few tips.

* Walk to the nearby store instead of taking your car.
* Opt for the stairs instead of the escalators or the lift each time you need to climb the stairs up or down.
* If you wish to speak to your co-worker, walk down the hall instead of using the intercom.
* Talk as you walk on your mobile phone. You would not realize the number of calories you burn.
* When travelling in a bus, stand instead of sitting.
* Park the car far away. This will ensure that you have to walk a couple of steps before you reach it.
* Avoid taking short cuts. Instead, take the longer route to your destination, if you are on foot.

Take it further
Now that your body is accustomed to physical activity, it is time to take it further. Stretching could be one way to go about it. It flexes your muscles and also helps relieve tension and stress. Besides, it will also increase your range of motion.

If you wish to start off with stretching, think of yourself as a cat. Don’t sit or stand with a jerk. Stretch your body before you settle in a particular position. Make it a point to breathe deeply as you stretch. If at all you are trying any extreme stretching movements, make sure you do some warm up exercise prior to that.

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to move and knock off those extra pounds.

Losing Weight Over An Exercise Bike

You don’t fit in to your jeans anymore? Everybody addresses you as fatty and you simply feel like committing suicide! If you have been going through this situation and no weight loss mechanism is working out in your favor, bring home an exercise bike. An exercise bike can surely cut down your excess weight and make you slimmer and smarter than ever before.

Steps to follow to lose weight with an exercise bike:
* Obviously! If you plan to lose weight with an exercise bike, you need to have one. If you already have one, fine else, purchase one. Choose an upright bike for proper workout. But, if you are a back pain sufferer then choose a recumbent bike as it is easier on the back as well as knees.
* Don’t hurry. You have been overweight for so long. It makes sense if you wait and maintain your calm for some more time. It takes time to reduce weight with a bike. So, don’t overstrain yourself in the start itself and don’t lose hope. Start with warm up, prior to exercise and do stretching before workout. With each passing day, add a minute to your exercise session. Change in diet can also help you lose excess weight.
* Your exercise program can eventually get tougher, but start with easy settings. Over the time, you will find your settings too easy and then you can up the resistance level. So, gradually keep changing the settings to burn more calories.
* For long term benefits, stick to your exercise bike. Exercise while watching TV or catch up your daily soaps side by side. In short, make your workout sessions quite enjoyable. This way, you will increase your chances of sticking to the fitness regimen.
* The best way to stick to your bike for long term is by listening to music while exercising. Just be careful and don’t fall off the bike, else everything is okay!
* Use some hand weights for effective weight loss with a bike. First climb your exercise bike and then ask someone to hand over the weights to you. Pick smaller weights, if you plan to ride the bike for longer hours.
* Exercise as much as you can. Start will 10 minutes exercise initially and then work your way and increase your time to 20 minutes. Make a note to avoid exercising before going off to bed. It is better to exercise early in the morning with empty stomach. Exercise and make sure that you sweat. If you aren’t sweating, your body is dehydrated. So, hve enough water and continue cycling.
* Be patient and stick to your bike exercise regimen.

Hence, the above mentioned tips can surely help you to get rid of your excess weight soon with the help of an exercise bike.


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