Social Media Marketing

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Marketing on social media is the custom of social platforms to connect with an audience. The Social platforms help to connect with your target audience or the customers, create brand awareness or increase awareness, and boost leads and sales. About three billion people are using social platforms from all over the world today. Therefore, users and engagement continue to increase. It involves connecting with an audience and help them understand your company better. It also helps reach many people and grow your brand.
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9 Steps for More Instagram Followers in 2019 It’s not as easy to get Instagram followers as it was a year or two ago. The competitive and smart algorithm with over one billion active members, 1.6 billion likes per day, sharing over 95 million images each day and tons of competitive brands together have brought exponential growth in popularity. Instagram has become a fundamental tool for selling, audience building, content marketing, and networking as it drives more engaged traffic and excels t...
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5 INTERESTING WAYS TO EMBED INSTAGRAM POSTS ON YOUR WEBSITES EMBED INSTAGRAM POSTS ON YOUR WEBSITES You all must have heard about different theories of how Instagram is such an amazing platform for marketing your brand to a wider and a more social media savvy generation. There are many ways of employing Instagram for your brand marketing but only a few ways will deliver you the best results with the optimum usage of resources. Instagram entered the market quite late, in October 2010, when Facebo...