9 Steps for More Instagram Followers in 2019

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9 Steps for More Instagram Followers in 2019

It’s not as easy to get Instagram followers as it was a year or two ago. The competitive and smart algorithm with over one billion active members, 1.6 billion likes per day, sharing over 95 million images each day and tons of competitive brands together have brought exponential growth in popularity.

Instagram has become a fundamental tool for selling, audience building, content marketing, and networking as it drives more engaged traffic and excels the chances to bring back customers for repeat purchase. You can either hire a pro-social media marketer or can adapt to the advanced and strategic techniques to show off the brand and stand out among millions.

This in-depth guide will run you through the nine foolproof ways to get more Instagram followers in 2019.

9 Steps for More Instagram Followers in 2019
9 Steps for More Instagram Followers in 2019

Partner up with a high-profile Instagram user:

It is always better to contact those Instagram followers who have built a progressive following in your industry. Formally communicate and convince them for cross promotion. For the successful execution of the plan, make sure the users have the same target audience.

Follow the strategy with these simplest ways:

  •         Tag each other regularly.
  •         Co-host a contest
  •         Share and promote each other’s post.
  •         Consider arranging a take-over. Where you can exchange accounts for a day or two.

Always post once or twice a day:

Recent research has suggested that posting twice is the best way to get more reach, likes, and shares – which ultimately generate more followers. Although finding the frequency which can generate the best results for you is a bit difficult. As for some businesses, posting 12+ can do the best work, while some companies even get the best result after the regular posting of 2-3 times per month. Therefore, brands and individuals rush to the experienced marketer to boost following in no time.

Use hashtags and location tags in Instagram stories:

The Instagram caption should be funny, outrageous and creative –  but never be too BORING. Don’t need to rely on one-word Hashtags, think out of the box and show the audience your story with a mix-up and trending Instagram hashtags. Brands remain in a persistent struggle to reach a new audience but still, their Instagram growth gets stalled. Australia’s most followed Instagram account has set the benchmark and getting a lump sum sales from the engaged traffic. If you want growth of your profile or business. you can buy Instagram followers to reach out to your potential customers.

Instagram Contest:

No dubious! As the Instagram contest has been an ideal way to expand the exposure, reach and likes.  Especially, a campaign where you ask followers to tag their friends and make them like your page. As per a recent survey, accounts who run Instagram contest have been uplifted to a significant extent comparing to those who don’t bother to run such contests.  To ensure the success of the contest, make sure to stick with the standard rules for the Instagram contest.

Leaving thought-provoking comments:

Liking or sharing other’s post is undoubtedly a great way to boost following. Although the most recommendable way is to leave thought-provoking comments on some interactive posts. People will be more inclined to contact you, which can ultimately be the way of generating followers for you with minimal time and efforts. Taking a selfie and posting it into your instream handle can also potentiate the followers. Moreover, businesses and brands should adapt to those advanced and latest digital tools which stand you out and you get a great number of followers in no time.

Professional looking feed with cohesive and catchy Instagram aesthetics:

To grow more followers in 2019 is somehow contingent upon the way you create your profile. It is recommendable that your profile should look unique, complete and professional as a whole. The feeds should be catchy enough to entice people to follow you. People have become intelligent enough and they decide in seconds whether your profile is worth following or not. When it comes to converting people into followers, make sure to edit your posts and stories like a pro and effectively write an Instagram bio. You can get the best of Bio URL’s, make sure not to link it to your homepage. Consider changing it after a week or two, as it can drive the traffic to your newest content

Instagram stories templates:

You should be regularly posting on Instagram stories. The contemporary templates can make the stories more catchy, uniform and complimentary. There are thousands of app like filmmaker pro and video shop that help you out in creating the best and appealing template, that can be the easiest way to get more engagements.

You need to be aware of one thing: the importance of visual appeal in the digital world is inevitable. You can’t expect the ugly looking profiles or pages to be liked by people. So You need to be technological enthusiasts and act like a tech-savvy to works beyond your expectation level.

Create Instagram ads:

There are so many clever brands, picking the right strategies to dominate the business world. Instagram is indeed the most competitive place. Although with creative ads that have the potential to appeal the customer can go a long way. There is a wide range of ads, you run for your Instagram including videos, feed style images, and specialized buy Instagram followers Australia, that will be shown to your target market when they tap through the stories. The thing which is worth considering here, choose the right audience and in the right and accurate way to stand out from the rest of the brands and individual.

Build influencer projects to get more Instagram followers:

Have you ever heard about influencer marketing? Well, it’s all about building long-term and genuine trust with followers. In case you collaborate with a professional and experienced influencer they will be acting as an ambassador for you. We although recommend not to be focusing on the short term or sponsored posts, consider having a long-term result that can last for years. Instagram giveaway and takeover are the other foolproof strategies to capitalize on the target audience of your influencer.


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