7 Tips to Prepare Your House for Sale This Spring

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The Toronto condo market is HOT right now and you need to strike before it cools off. If you are looking to maximize your ROI for the least cost, you need to prepare for Toronto condos for sale in a planned and structured way. If you believe that every unit has what it takes to ignite a bidding war, you need to shift your perspective. If you are looking to get the best bang for your buck for your condo, be sure to make your space as attractive as possible. Here are 7 tips for getting your home ready to sell:

What if You have Tenants?

For a tenanted property, you need to give at least a 24 hours-notice before all showings. You can also offer regular complimentary cleaning to your tenants while the property is being shown so that your property always looks at its best when potential buyers show up. Be accommodating and civil. Your tenants will appreciate it. Don’t be afraid to open up to your prospects about having tenants at the property. Who knows they might be buying your property with the same reason in mind? Your listing could mention that it is a tenanted property. Who knows, the purchaser might decide to keep your existing tenant if they are an investor. While you are at a liberty to do with your property as you desire, its only ethical to extend your support to your tenant during the process and treat the subject gingerly of whether they will have to leave or see a transition of the landlord.


Who doesn’t like a bigger condo with a great layout? If you want your property to rank higher, why not create the illusion of more space when listing your Toronto Condos? A cluttered condo with less leg space never appeals to buyers, making them move on to better options that are less cramped. A decluttered and well-laid out unit seems more spacious than what its square footage commands.

Before a showing, try to pack away 40% of all belongings, such as liquor bottles, remote controls, knick-knacks, boxes, and all excessive décor. Do the same for the storage areas and closets. However, don’t just cram everything into your closets as prospective buyers might look inside. Imagine a prospective buyer opening a closet door, only to be showered down with tons of junk. Organize all items into 3 separate piles: Landfill, storage, donations. Purge as much as you can. While your property is listed, you can rent a storage space to hold all unnecessary items.


Nothing can freshen up your property more than a fresh coat of paint. While you are at it, keep in mind that most prospective buyers are put off by bold colors, so its prudent to go for neutrals. So, a big no to that neon green bathroom and electric blue bedroom walls. In parts, this is because light colors make smaller rooms appear larger. Similarly, your ceilings, doors and baseboards need a fresh coat of paint as well, and off-white is your color-to-go. However, before kicking off the paint job, fill in deep ruts or holes with putty and sand down till smooth. If you have never done a paint job before, we suggest leaving the job to professionals.

First Impressions

Just like the curb appeal matters a great deal to a detached home, first impressions can make or break a condo deal. You need to leave them spell bound in the very first showing. From unhindered sightline of the view, to a stunning piece of art, to a statement mirror, you need to concentrate on the best attributes of the property to bring that oomph factor. If your condo resonates with a prospect, they will likely make a purchase decision within the first 30 seconds. Start leaving a great impression from the moment they walk in and continue that impression throughout.


We advise more sellers to stage the unit before a showing. Staging helps to create a welcoming and warm environment that cannot otherwise be created in a vacant unit. Staging helps a buyer visualize where they can place their furniture, how will their furniture look like, how to use different spaces, and how much space will be spared once they have put in all their furniture. Even better, you can make use of trendy and modern furniture pieces which will not only create a luxe ambience, but also net you a higher sale and help you sell faster.


Now is the time to take your house-repair list out of the closet and call up a few vendors to get that leaky faucet fixed, and what about those picture holes in the walls or loose hardware on the cupboards? While you are at it, replace that decrepit carpet with new vinyl or high-quality laminate flooring?  You can also work-up many cost-effective upgrades for your kitchen, such as installing a sweet looking quartz countertop in place of that old-school laminate one. If you are not one for DIY, bring in a handyman or contractor to take care of it.


If you knew how important lighting was, you would have taken care of all the bulbs that burned out over the years! The brighter your house is, the more it appeals to buyers. Lighting can make or break the appearance of your house. If your lighting fixtures are run-of-the-mill, head down to your nearest store and pick up some modern, chic ones.

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