7 Tile Saw Usage Tricks that Nobody Tells You

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How To Use Tile Saw : 7 Tile Saw Usage Tricks that Nobody Tells You

A Tile saw is a piece of equipment used for cutting tiles which includes a frame supported on the base, an arm mounted on the frame, and a rotary saw mounted to the arm for cutting tile and masonry products. It also utilizes a diamond coated blade, and sometimes in a tile saw a water-cooling system is installed due to which it is also called wet saw. So, if you have a lot of cuts to do on big tiles then I would recommend a wet tile saw with a sliding table due to accuracy, and its ability to do different types of complex cutting giving good diagonal and partial cut.

Usage of the wet saw:

If you are doing a very large tiling job, and you want to also cut many tiles, sometimes you need to fit corners, edges and cut tiles in a very special shape such as L shape etc. Then it is very essential to know the usage. In some cases, you want to put a nice touch to your work than you should also know the unique way of using your required tool. But first thing first makes sure that using tile saw you do not cut yourself so wear safety equipment’s such as gloves, glasses and mask. In case of emergency make sure you have necessary bandages to bind up your wounds or to protect the Injured part of your body.

  • Use original sharp diamond blade

While using the tire saw make sure that you use the original sharp blade.  Cutting is all that matters most so choose the best brand depending upon your country region. Poor quality blade can damage your tile and in some cases to your whole equipment

  • Watering the tile saw:

Before making a cut what you need to do is prepare the saw fill the water table or reservoir of the table saw with water, and if you want to prevent the unwanted damage to your tile saw then you need to keep your tile saw and other things wet for two reasons

  1. Lubrication: Lubrication increase the sharpness of your blade and it will give a decent edge.
  2. Reduces the risks of burn marks: The water used soften the tile saw which further reduces the risks of burn marks. Because if water isn’t running in their then you will make your blade dry which eventually will increase the risk of burning marks. And tile with burning mark will not give better look and mark cannot be removed
  • Use pencil or laser light to make your measurement:

 While cutting tiles with a tile saw you need to make your cutting accurate so make sure that you mark your tiles so that it makes cut with better angle and style such as straight style or mosaic style cut. Sometimes laser light can also be used for marking the tiles but due to technical fault or other reasons make sure that you first use pencil for making a mark. While cutting tiles for the corner or two meeting points then you need better accuracy and angle for that which can only be better done through marking. Take your measurements and make sure that you do it twice. Use a piece of plywood to create your exact dimensions for cutting you can also use the plywood to create and trace your template or pattern which can be further useful for cutting multiple tiles.

  • Slowly push the table or tile through the blade of tile saw:

“Sometimes it is better to go slower than faster”

Cutting your tiles through tile saw make sure that you slowly push the tile through the blade of the tile saw cutting slowly will make your cut accurately and will reduce the risk of injury. And do not start the cutting process if the water reservoir is empty, and the blade is not properly filled with water. Increase the gap between your both hand while cutting the tile because your hand is more important than your tile and hold the tile firmly but do not apply too much pressure which will cause crack. Pushing slowly will give time to your blade to cut properly and clean. While cutting your tile make sure that you cut your tile in the open are or out door due to the debris and cover your face with mask or glasses.

  • Use a quality extension lead while operating a tile saw:

For long distance work always use quality extension lead while operating a tile saw because it is better to spend little bit extra money on your equipment if it is expensive and since tire saw uses a lot of power, so it could melt or damage the low-quality wire which can also results into short circuit. If you already have an extension lead than carefully check it if it is damage from some parts or not but it is better to use new extension lead than the older ones, and also avoid overloading on the extension lead because no matter how much better your extension lead is overloading definitely will cause damage to your tile saw.

  • Do not remove the blade until the power is down:

 Removing blade is the most important step when it comes to safety. Mostly due to work burden or short time people cut their hands when they touch the moving blade of tile saw. So always concentrate on your work psychologically and physically and allow the blade to stop and power down and then remove your blade. If blade is sharp, then try to use gloves.

  • Make sure that you Unplug the tile saw when you are finished

 When we finish cutting tiles our sole focus remains on tile and we forgot to unplug tiles which can do damage to our equipment due to technical failure. Unplug your tire saw at once if there is not full required voltage. So regularly check the voltage before plugging in.

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