7 Easy Ways to Update Your Patio This Spring

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7 Easy Ways to Update Your Patio This Spring

Is your patio in desperate need of a few updates? Spring is the perfect time to start preparing your outdoor space for warmer temperatures. After all, you’ll want to spend as much time as possible enjoying the nice weather outside. Your patio should be an extension of your home where you can relax and unwind. Whether you live in the city and only have a small outdoor area, or you live in a more rural town with much more space to work with, there are a few solutions for turning a boring patio into a space for your family and friends to enjoy. Here are seven easy ways to update your patio this spring.

Easy Ways to Update Your Patio This Spring
Easy Ways to Update Your Patio This Spring


One of the simplest ways to refresh your patio while still making a huge impact is by adding outdoor lighting. In fact, no outdoor space is really complete without good lighting. There are so many different options available that depend entirely on your space and desired style. Flush mount light fixtures work really well in small patios, while pendant lighting works best in larger spaces. If you’re really looking to transform your space, an outdoor chandelier can quickly take your patio from dull to elegant.


When you want to take your patio to the next level, the right outdoor furniture can make all the difference in the world. For smaller spaces, try patio chairs that can be easily arranged. Add accent pillows and a small table to enhance the style. Big outdoor spaces can handle larger furniture and much more of it. Create a comfortable dining space by adding a patio dining set or turn your patio into the ultimate lounge space by adding an outdoor sofa or sectional.


Another easy way to update the look and feel of your outdoor space is by installing a pergola or a patio cover. These outdoor structures can help define your space and provide better privacy, shade and protection from the elements. Keep in mind that while sometimes used interchangeably, pergolas and patio covers are two different types of structures. Pergolas are freestanding, which means they do not have to be attached to a building. They also have an open roof, providing limited shade and shelter. Patio covers, on the other hand, are attached to the home and can have an open or solid roof. If you want your patio space to remain cool and dry, consider adding a solid patio cover to protect your family and friends from rain and overwhelming sunlight on a bright day.


If you have a smaller budget that doesn’t allow for a dining set or upgraded seating, don’t worry! Rugs are a great way to give your patio a whole new look without breaking the bank. Be sure to choose rugs that are designed specifically for the outdoors as these will withstand the elements and resist fading from sun damage. Outdoor rugs come in a variety of styles, sizes and shapes, so look for one that will perfectly complement your patio’s style. Consider the space of your outdoor area when choosing the size and shape of your rug. Large outdoor rugs can cover the entire patio floor, while smaller rugs can accommodate a table and chairs or other seating. Try bright and colorful rugs to add a splash of character to your decor.


You can never have enough storage. If you and your family spend a lot of time in your patio or other outdoor area, chances are that you may have a few additional items scattered around. Extra pillows and cushions, supplies and other tools can take up valuable space on your patio that can otherwise be used for other activities. Clean up the clutter by removing anything you no longer need and add outdoor storage cabinets or deck boxes for everything else. If you’re concerned about space, multifunctional storage options that can also be used as tables or extra seating—such as storage benches—are the best way to go.


Adding new plants to your patio is one way to dramatically transform it for spring. When choosing planters, don’t settle for just any. Instead, look for unique pots and planters that will add a touch of character to your space. Transform plain pots into statement-making planters by painting them in your favorite colors for a truly one-of-a-kind look. You can also repurpose many different items as planters, such as buckets, wine boxes, tires and old toolboxes. Have a smaller patio? You can use tiny pots and hanging planters to save some space while still creating a green and lush area to enjoy.

Update Your Patio This Spring
Update Your Patio This Spring

Outdoor fireplace or fire pit

If you have the budget for it, an outdoor fireplace can turn your space into the place where all your friends and family will want to be. There are a variety of things you should take into consideration before deciding to install an outdoor fireplace, such as whether you want a gas-log fireplace or a wood-burning one, whether you want a freestanding fireplace or one that is built-in and what style you’d like (fireplace, fit pit or fire bowl). No matter what option you choose, an outdoor fireplace is sure to convert your patio into the ultimate space you can enjoy all year long. It’s important that you always take fire safety seriously. Whether you are installing an outdoor fireplace yourself or hiring professionals to do it for you, make sure it is safe for everyone.


Updating your patio doesn’t have to turn into a massive project. It can be as simple as installing a few lights over your outdoor dining table or adding a few accents to spruce up your decor. Stop cringing at your patio every time you think of inviting family and friends over for a barbecue, brunch or outdoor party. This spring, consider making these seven simple yet sophisticated updates that will completely revamp your patio space.

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