5 Tips To Avoid Accidentally Locking Your Child In The Car

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Being a parent comes with many responsibilities. In the process of being a jack-of-all-trades, the chances of getting abstracted are high. Having a lot to handle might make you forget to handle a few obvious things. One of the worst-case scenarios that can happen is accidentally locking your child in the car. Knowing that your child is in grave danger is bound to cause a lot of frustration and panic. You can do a few things to avoid locking your child in the car.

Avoid Accidentally Locking Your Child In The Car
Avoid Accidentally Locking Your Child In The Car

Here’s a catch

Even the best parents make mistakes such as locking a child in the car. Therefore, it’s not good to think that this can’t happen to you. It pays to have a few ideas on how to prevent the situation from happening to avoid learning the hard way. The best thing you can do is to know a reputable locksmith who can open the car door to liberate your child.

Tips to avoid locking your child in the car

Always move with your keys

Always avoid allowing your child to play with your car keys. The rule of thumb is to always have the keys with you. The child might tamper with the car locks only to end up locking themselves in the car. An auto-lock can easily make a child end up getting locked in the car. Keeping the keys always with you is the best idea. Every time you get out of the car, keep the keys with you so that unlocking is possible if the locks are activated unexpectedly. Alternatively, have a locksmith to make a spare key that can come in handy to open the door when the original is locked inside the car.

Keep a locksmith number on speed dial

You’ve already noticed how having a spare key can help during a car lockout. In case you’ve never taken the plunge to get a spare key, it pays to know a reputable car locksmith in Tulsa who can always come to your rescue. Like the responsible parent you are who understands that there’s a possibility of such a situation can happen, knowing a great auto locksmith is the best thing you can do. It’s even better to keep the locksmith’s number on your speed dial just in case your child is locked in the car. You won’t have to panic knowing that a locksmith is on the way to open the car door.

Move with your child always

Whenever you’re getting out of your car to run an errand, ensure to always move with your child regardless of how long you’re spending out. There’s a chance of taking longer than you anticipated while your child is alone in the car. The trick is to never leave your child in the car. You’ll always run your errands without rush knowing that your child is safe with you. Developing a habit of always moving with your child even on your busiest day is the best way to ensure your child is safe.

Communicate regularly with the child caregiver

Do you leave your child with a caregiver? The rule of thumb is regular communication to keep track of your child’s whereabouts. This eliminates the chances of driving away without knowing that your child is sitting in the backseat. You might pack and spend the whole day at work putting the child at risk. Communicating with the caregiver about the child’s whereabouts avoids lock-ins and other problems. A good idea is to use a smartphone app to get alerts regarding the child’s location.

Always check your car well

Finally, develop a habit of checking your car wherever you enter or leave. It costs nothing to be sure that you aren’t driving away with the child in the back seat. Only two minutes might be enough to ensure that everything is in the right place. Develop a routine of checking the trunk, backseat, and under the car before driving away. You’ll always be sure that the child is safeand it might help you notice any possible hazards.

Bottom line

Quick response is required on realizing that your child is locked inside the car. This is a very risky situation especially if all windows are up. The best solution is calling an emergency auto locksmith who will come promptly and open the car door to get your child out. Luckily, these work 24/7 and will come to your Tulsa location with the necessary equipment to handle the job in the shortest time possible.

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