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You all must have heard about different theories of how Instagram is such an amazing platform for marketing your brand to a wider and a more social media savvy generation. There are many ways of employing Instagram for your brand marketing but only a few ways will deliver you the best results with the optimum usage of resources.

Instagram entered the market quite late, in October 2010, when Facebook and Twitter had already captured the majority of the market. Still, Instagram, being so visually-attractive and evolving with time, it has been able to capture a heavy active user base of 500 million people that accesses the app daily. Just imagine the marketing potential Instagram entails within it.

Given that and keeping the marketing objectives in mind, embedding Instagram feeds on your website is a phenomenal idea that can engage your website’s visitors and provide amazing results for your website’s performance.

Let’s discuss 5 such interesting ways by which you can embed Instagram feeds on your website and fascinate your visitors.

Come, let’s have a look.

  1. Instagram’s Official Embedding

We all know how amazing Instagram is as a social media platform. Its filters, stories, IGTV, and so many more features are so intriguing that they engage users really well.

Its multi-functionality comes with the boon of allowing you to embed Instagram feeds on your website, blogs, and other such platforms.

For that purpose, Instagram allows you to generate embed code from the platform itself.

You can embed both Instagram feeds and individual photos on your website.

Being Instagram’s official embedding functionality, it is one of the most trusted ways to display Instagram feeds on your website.

  1. Taggbox- Instagram Feeds Wall

Taggbox is a phenomenal social media tool to aggregate and display your Instagram posts. It lets you create amazing Instagram Walls which can be easily embedded on your websites.

For that, first you need to create an account on Taggbox, thereafter, you can create an Instagram Feed Wall in the Wall Editor, generate an embed code with Taggbox, copy it, go to the backend of your webpage and simply paste it over there. That’s it!

You can easily and beautifully design your Instagram Wall with the amazing customization options that you can find under the Personalize feature where you can decide the themes, card style, design your own banner, set theme settings, and do so much more to make your Instagram Wall attractive and interactive.

You can curate and filter the irrelevant content using the powerful moderation feature that comes along. It helps you to maintain the feed quality of your Instagram feeds.  This helps you to present a better brand image and set a louder brand tone for your business.

Its robust Analytics feature allows you to track the performance of your Instagram feeds in terms of engagement and interaction with the users. This helps you to strengthen your marketing strategy by analyzing your competitors too.

With Taggbox, you can display real-time Instagram feeds to your audience. It is highly responsive when it comes to compatibility with different screen sizes and shapes. Its flexible pricing plans will surely fit your budget too.

  1. Taking Screenshots

It is like keeping a back-up plan. The security net that you create in case you cannot embed your Instagram posts directly on your website owing to some technical errors, you can always upload images on your website directly.

It is a simple, safe, and a long-term secured way to display Instagram posts on your website.

Taking a screenshot needs no technical assistance. All you need is a smartphone and a running Instagram account to that. Take the screenshots of the posts you wish to display on your website. Crop them, edit them, enhance their visual appeal through filters, and simply publish them on your website. Simple enough!

Having a screenshot of the posts also gives you a second chance to display those posts again, in case they get deleted. Reason for deletion might be anything- it might get reported or spammed or violation of terms of services or any other reason for that matter.

It is also a great way to archive your Instagram posts.

  1. Instagram Feed WordPress Login

If you have a WordPress website, then you may find many embedding plugin options that allow you to embed your Instagram feeds on your website in a really easy manner, either individually or together in a single stream, from single or multiple accounts.

These WordPress plugins help you format and display Instagram posts according to the look and feel you want to set. You could create a really beautiful stream of Instagram feeds using the different themes and layout options that come along with these plugins.

You could always fetch the Instagram photos from your own account or any public profile with the WordPress plugins. Most of them are free, and the ones that are paid, they come with amazing responsive designs, aggregates hashtag feeds,   you the comment and like options and many more such features.

  1. Embedly

Embedly is a powerful tool for embedding videos, photos, media posts into websites. This web service allows you to connect API to API. It gives you various tools, APIs, and libraries to help you embed Instagram feeds on your website.

It gives you the option to extract elements like color, text, keywords, entities, etc. from the article. You can also discard the elements that you don’t want from the article.

In order to embed Instagram feeds on your website using Embedly, all you need to do is generate the embed code from Embedly and copy the URL to the clipboard from where you can paste it in the backend of the webpage where you want to display it.

You also get the options to preview and choose whether or not you want an SEO code. You get amazing customization options to align your feeds accordingly before embedding them into your website.

Over To You

These were some of the commonly used methods of embedding Instagram posts on your website. Do you know of some other methods to do so?

Feel free to share it with us in the comment section below.

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