12 Essential cleaning tools and supplies that everyone needs at home

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12 Essential cleaning tools and supplies that everyone needs at home

Cleaning the home can be a difficult task unless it comes with its own cleaning service. Each room in the home needs a different approach and each type of surface requires different cleaning supplies and products to do the cleaning. Our daily lifestyle can make your living areas, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom very dirty, so it is necessary to regularly clean your place. There are essential cleaning supplies and tools available for your home to keep your home clean and tidy. Here are some basic and essential cleaning tools and supplies that you need to solve your cleaning issues.

12 Essential cleaning tools and supplies that everyone needs at home
12 Essential cleaning tools and supplies that everyone needs at home

Vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is an essential and versatile tool that is used to make your cleaning easy and fast. Especially true if you have carpeting in your bedroom and living room. Vacuum cleaners are used to clean the floors by sucking up dirt and dust and to clean other surfaces like draperies and upholstery. You can easily hold the vacuum cleaners and efficiently clean your home. Vacuuming your home regularly can make you stay away from asthma and allergies.

All-purpose cleaner

An all-purpose cleaner is actually a cleaning agent, usually, a liquid used to remove dirt, stains, mire from the surfaces. They are mainly designed to clean wood material, glass, tile, plastic, floor etc. But it is a product that can clean almost everything. Some of the all-purpose cleaner require scrubbing, rinsing and thinning, while others just need a simple spray and wipe technique. All-purpose cleaners can make your cleaning easy and can save your money as well as storage space by merging all these function into a single bottle.

Microfiber cloth

Microfiber cloths are made up of fine micro fibers, these fibers are approximately 1/100 of human hair in diameter. The fine fibers are bundled and woven together to form a cloth. They are popular among cleaning supplies and it enables you to eliminate many household cleaners. These cloths can be easily washed and is handy as other type of cloths become ineffective when it comes to cleaning.

Rubber gloves

Rubber gloves does not need too much of explaining as they are an excellent janitorial safety supply product used to avoid getting your hands dirty and to prevent any harsh cleaning products on your skin while cleaning. The easiest way to combat germs and dirt at your home is to use rubber gloves on your hands when cleaning the kitchen and bathroom. But make sure that you keep two different pairs of gloves so that it does not get mixed up.

Window cleaner

In everyone’s home, windows and other glass-made design and structures are present. So a window cleaner is an essential cleaning tool used to clean windows and glass. smudge and stain marks are especially visible on the surfaces of the glasses causing the windows and glasses to appear more dirty than usually it is. A window cleaner is used to clean and wipe everything instantly.

Dry Mop

Dry mops are available in many forms. The dry mops are easily available and are cheaper. They can fit around in any small space and are used to clean floors, ceilings, walls etc. These type of mops have long handle and allows you to reach every corners in your home. They are made using different materials like synthetic, microfiber, fine wool material .They are used for dry cleaning and not meant for wet cleaning. When you buy dry mop, see to it that the hinges and handle of the dry mop are in a good condition as these are the parts under stress.


The squeegee is an important and versatile tool that comes with a flat and smooth rubber blade. It is specially used for window cleaning and also used to remove excess moisture from the walls and shower. You can also stock up janitorial supplies in wholesale quantity so that you can have it for cleaning whenever required and also save your money on cleaning supplies.

Tooth brush

A tooth brush is a great tool that can be used outside its normal purpose. The tooth brushes are really useful and are great for getting into the little spaces where our hands cannot reach like exhaust fan, showers and window shield.


A good quality sponge is the best thing you can have in your cleaning kit. There are huge variety of sponges available in the market like cellulose sponge, abrasive sponge, dry sponge etc. Sponges are great to have especially the sponge with rough side to remove oily stain and dirty surface.

Paper towel

The paper towels are handy and good to keep. You can spray some all-purpose cleaner and wipe the area with paper towels. It is used to clean up a particular area that is dirty. So whenever you are doing some work and you find dust and dirt accumulated then you can instantly clean it with the paper towel with the help of liquid cleaner.

Spray bottle

It is an important tool that makes your life easier when you decide to make your own liquid cleaner at home. You don’t need to go for new bottles and you can re-use some bottles that you have at home.


It is an essential tool used for home cleaning. A good bucket helps you to carry all your cleaning equipment from one room to other room that helps you to mop the floor. You can also use the bucket to store damp items and prevent trickles and spill.

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