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Being a mom, have you ever felt like the chores around the house are never-ending? To be honest, how many times have you lost count of the hours while handling complex cleanups and in the end, you just couldn’t resolve the issue?

If this has been the case, trust me, you have come to the right place. Below is a list of 10 DIY home cleaning tips to make your mom’s (or even yours) life easier. Or you could search for best cleaning services near me in Los Altos CA and hire a professional contractual worker for your mom.

DIY HACK #1: Cleaning The Coffee Pot With Vinegar

Are you one of those people who consume coffee on a regular basis? The machine you use for coffee can attract a lot of dirt and might require cleaning over some time.

Well, you need to know that vinegar really works well inside a coffee making the machine. It can simply clear the pot from all the dirt that has been accumulated inside it.

DIY HACK #2: Cleaning Carpet With Baking Soda And Vinegar

Are you thinking of throwing away the carpet because there are stubborn stains that just go away?

You need to sprinkle baking soda over the stain and spray vinegar over it. Let the mixture stay there for 2 – 3 hours. Once the mixture has been dried, vacuum the residue.

DIY HACK #3: Cleaning Blinds With Water And Vinegar

Like every other household items, the blinds of the window also need to be cleaned.

You need to make a solution of vinegar and water and then clean every slat of the blind. Wear a sock on your hand and dip it into the solution and then wipe the slats of the blind.

Attempting to clean all windows in the house in Los Altos CA? Give this hack a try.

DIY HACK #4: Clean The Sponge In The Microwave

Just place the dishwashing sponge in the microwave for over an hour or so. You’ll be amazed to see all of the bacteria go away.

Please, don’t catch the sponge while it’s still hot.

DIY HACK #5: Soaking Hard Water Stains With Vinegar

We know hard water spots on anything can be quite annoying clean.

Spray the object with a mixture of water and vinegar, and wipe away the stubborn stains.

DIY HACK #6: Cleaning The Microwave With Lemon/Vinegar And Water

Pour an equal amount of water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture onto the surface of the oven. Turn on the microwave for almost 10 minutes on high. Then wait till it cools down, after that simply wipe it with a clean cloth.

DIY HACK #7: Cleaning Grease Stains With Salt & Alcohol

Rub the mixture of salt and alcohol on the stain. Once the mixture has been dried over the stain, you’d have to vacuum away the particles of the salt.

DIY HACK #8: Pick Up Broken Glass With Bread

Picking up small pieces of broken glass with your bare hands is a bad idea. You should try picking them up with a piece of bread.

DIY HACK #9: Dusting With A Dryer Sheet

Use a drying sheet on surfaces amid cleaning, as they absorb all the dirt and dust, yet additionally, guarantee that you are not breathing in any of it.

DIY HACK #10: Cleaning Curling Iron With Alcohol

Did you know that rubbing alcohol on a curling iron will get rid of the stains and revive back the sparkle it once had.

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